Why Pay Per Click Advertising Should Be the Beginner’s Best Friend

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Many online start-ups seem to try and stay as far away from pay per click advertising as they are reasonably able. And the reason for this is obvious to me because I used to do it too! But in this article, my purpose is to explain to you exactly why this is the wrong approach.

While pay per click has the perceived negative quality of costing you money, it has quite a few advantages that out weigh the con.

To begin with, pay per click on either Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter allow a website owner something he cannot consistently get anywhere else: instant traffic. But it is better than that. It is instant targeted traffic. Which of course can – if you know what you’re doing – result in instant profits.

But if you have never used pay per click before it is reasonable to assume that it will take you some time to become proficient enough to be able to throw up a web page one morning and have instant traffic and profits by tea time. And after all, any business owner can use pay per click to further their business.

But pay per click has other uses which are – or should be – of particular interest to the beginner and the startup. This is the gold, right here: Pay Per Click allows you the opportunity to test any landing page for suitability to any keyword phrase.

When you send traffic to a web page, you want that traffic to behave in a certain way. You either want them to subscribe to a mailing list or buy a product you are selling or some other sort of action.

Pay per click is the only marketing strategy that allows you this degree of customer filtration that you can track visitors to the keyword that got them there. It is the only way you can know that traffic generated from a given keyword phrase is going to be of any commercial value to you.

You can and should use pay per click to find which keywords and keyword phrases bring visitors to your site that take the action you want them to. Once you know this information, you can then make a much more confident effort at using other less targeted methods of traffic generation to bring customers to your website for free.

Pay per click is also a market testing tool. If you cannot make profit using pay per click advertising, the chances are high that you cannot make profit at all consistently.

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