What Advertising Media Agencies Know – And Aren’t Telling

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In this new age of technology running the show in just about every industry you can think of, it is safe to say that more traditional fields like advertising have had to adapt. While some of these agencies weren’t quite up to the task, others morphed into top-tier advertising media agencies and used the power of technology to their advantage. This, in turn, allowed the companies who hired them to also excel.

Regardless of the era, however, one of the main points of contention between clients and advertising agencies has been a lack of communication. Clients feel out of the loop and uninformed about the plans and strategies they paid for, and this never bodes well for anyone. Clients lose faith in their advertising agencies, and these agencies begin to lose clients.

It’s possible that the reason for secrecy might be these agencies trying their best to maintain a proprietary hold on how they do business. After all, if the client can do the same work or if a competitor was privy to this information, any advertising media agency would be in a real pickle. Still, this doesn’t quite satisfy the idea of an ad agency deciding to keep a proverbial wall between itself and a client. What gives?

If you’re a company that’s wanted a little insight into what advertising media agencies know but aren’t being too forthright about, here’s a little 411:

They Change As Much As Clients Do – Being in business is tough for clients, which means that advertising media agencies have to stay ahead of the game to get you to where you want to go. As business ebbs and flows for you, so, too, does it change for them. They’ve just got better poker faces.

The Human Touch is Vital To Their Existence – Even the though the technological push is strong, agencies do their best to keep the human connection front & center in all they do. It’s when this focus is lost that relationships fall apart.

Technology is A High Priority – If you’re in media, you need to know all about devices, platforms, the Internet, social media, and everything in between. Clients rely on this knowledge to take them to the top.

Media is A Blur – Here’s where things get a little weird. The definition of media has changed so much in just the last few years that knowing what media represents can be hard. In many ways, this can be advantageous because if media is blurred, then how it’s used can also be unique and diverse.

Opportunity versus Advertising – Agencies know it, and so do you. Advertising will be more about what kind of opportunities can be created rather than just getting the word out about your business. Whether it’s the agency or their client, if there is no opportunities to explore, then you might be sunk.

Advertising media agencies are certainly the way the ad game is being played this day and age, and if you want to keep up with the fast-paced world of business, your company needs to get wise to the ways of these agencies. That said, it’s important to know that they, too, derive their own existence from the same resources whose depths they plumb for your business. As such, it benefits both the agencies and their clients to maintain a strong relationship with open communication and understanding.

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