Web Site Advertising – The Magic Of Using A Freelance Writer

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It bothers me how people insist on continuing to spend fortunes on web site banner advertising and other forms of online advertising even when they are still receiving a fraction of a percentage in terms of a response and end up with very little to show for all the good money they have spent. But most folks just keep on spending hoping for some sort of miracle.

The reason it bothers me is that there is a simple alternative where all you need is an online freelance writer or content provider who understands a little SEO (search engine optimization) and also understands just a little marketing and the results will be nothing short of magical and miraculous. And not only will you get a much better response from your advertising but your money will have been much better invested so much so that from a small campaign you do today, you can expect to receive healthy returns in terms of traffic for years and years to come.

Why Most People Have No Idea How Articles Can Be Used For Web Site Advertising

You may have met many folks who swear that promotional articles are a waste of time. If you enquire further you will find that they’ve had a bad experience with article marketing because all they did was write a few articles and post them at article directories. How can any intelligent person expect a decent response from that? After all that’s what everybody else does. The best you can expect from a stunt like this, assuming that you use a super high traffic articles directory, is a dozen hits or so in the first day, which quickly dwindles to zero by the second day.

The right way to use articles to generate tons of traffic for any site is to start out with a freelance online writer who is aware of the two main objectives promotional articles must aim to achieve.

Firstly promotional articles should be used as a way to quickly build one-way links pointing to your site. The way to do this is to include at least two links in the resource box and one in the main body of the article. The anchor text you use for the links are terribly important and have to be selected carefully with your SEO strategy in mind. What will usually happen is that if your article is any good, other webmasters will see it and re-post it at their sites complete with your links. Others will link directly to it.

Secondly you should use the articles you write as mini sites on their own capable of a high ranking with search engines for various popular keywords. Naturally a substantial amount of traffic they receive will be directed to your site. It does not matter whether you post the article at your site or at a high traffic articles directory site.

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