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Today the avenues of Internet or the world wide web has opened the crossroads of immense possibilities. Gone are the days when you use to pay for using the Internet. These days the rules have changed and the resultant factor could drive you into a state of absolute disbelief. In the following article, we will talk about ways with which one could benefit from the Internet in such a way that the Internet pays the user for using the same. And yes you heard me right!!

You need your will and dedication with one affiliate at one time, before trying anything new as you will come across many service providers today offering unmatched affiliated programs. Which of them are genuine could be a tricky situation and it’s best to establish a correspondence with the service provider before any monetary commitment is made by you. The list goes on when it comes to realizing the potentials that could be generated from the world of web!!

Now do you have a flair for writing. In case you have, then you get be paid for every 250-350 words article on different subject mentioned either by the client or at your discretion. All the contents must be original & the rewards are inspiring!! There are on line pay per click programs available today, who are promoting advertising campaigns for you to manage and run, without any significant investment or infrastructure.

Create your own shopping portal by just pasting simple HTML codes on your web page and thus generate revenue for every every sale made from your website by your visitors. Generate a sales lead or use the referral programs to join different affiliates programs and earn benefits for every referral from your website. Host your account on certain affiliated servers who are providing you with up to 15 MB web space account including tools & referral program for free with no ads whatsoever. You also get paid by inserting simple HTML codes on your website and thus generating a sale lead from your website for the sponsors products.

The Plan Ahead

The goal is to help you promote your potentials on line, list your business on the many directory services and bring you closer to the world of the Internet. We know that you understand the potential for your business from the Internet but we plan to bridge your potentials to its prospects at the minimal cost of your efforts. And that’s one of the many features of

what a website does for you?

After the registration of your domain name & web space account is completed, the next important phase of your website is undertaken. Your business information, products and other related news is then included into your web site. There are a lot of websites offering ready to use web templates or web designs to chose from & proceed towards content management.

Initiate the process to build an attractive revenue stream that enhances the site content while maintaining your brand identity. With a little investment and quality time, you can leverage off existing network and start driving targeted traffic to your site. There are 2-Tier Search Engine model that pays commissions per click as well as for referred advertisers and affiliates. The system-generated code lets you choose the look and feel of your web pages with easy copying and pasting features of the codes.

You may register your own domain name, web space, email accounts, affiliates, web store & much more so that you could publish your business potential absolutely hassle free & try the possibilities of new prospects from the world of Internet!! Get your website done in minutes by downloading templates for free. Start building your own template store & earn commission for every sale made by you through your website.

Unique Selling Points:

Supposing that your homepage has a file size of 50 KB. Considering the same, if a total of 50 visitors are trying to access your website from different IP addresses at the same time, then the total bandwidth transfer amounts close to 2500 KB or 2.7 MB approximately.

Again say it takes 10 seconds to download your homepage from your web account Therefore the total time taken to download 2500 KB or 2.7 MB of files approximately is 415 minutes or 6 hours.

There are on line program available today that pays up to $0.44 for every page view or click generated from a website, as the same will also display the ads promoted by the service provider based on content available on that web page. For example, only real estate related ads will be displayed on the homepage for a company which is into the real estate business. Say your country is India, then only ads related to India will be displayed on your website. So every page view or click made on your web page will pay you in return.

Therefore, the free web space account of 15 MB with limited bandwidth of 16.7 MB, could earn anything from $12 to $22 a day. Based on the feature of your web hosting account, the figure could go much higher. A limited bandwidth of 16.7 MB is available with a free 15 MB web space account sponsored by brinkster without any ads, which is also directly proportional to 6 hours or 415 minutes.

However, a professional hosting account includes features like, up to high bandwidth capacity per month. That way you could imagine the potential income that your web site could generate just by managing the same.

No we cannot fool the ad service providers by generating automated page views or invalid click sessions as each IP from where your websites information is viewed, will be recorded & the details of the IP will be forwarded to the service providers. Don’t ever think that you could fool the ad service providers as they have the software to detect all activities made through any website.

The ad service providers charges the merchants or business providers, who have chosen to deploy marketing strategies to benefit their productions or business on your & other websites across the world wide web. Thus all this could be termed as real value for money.

Various pay per click advertising providers delivers text and image ads on a page-by-page basis, based on the content available on a website. Website owners then simply generate HTML codes which are pasted on the website pages to allow the service provider to deliver the ads based on the content available on each page.

The service provider charges the advertisers or sponsors on a pay per click basis, and thereafter splits the revenues with the website owners whenever a visitor generates valid click from the relevant website. The advertiser only pays whenever a user generates a valid click on their advertisement through the website. Ad service providers like Google AdWords have made bidding possible between advertisers and sponsors for a better placement of the ads in the resultant page, and thus the bidding price also differs for each keyword.

Interestingly, keywords such as mortgage often yield $5 or more per click, as compared to the keyword weather which is only about 5 cents or less per click to most advertisers. Since the service providers splits the advertising revenue with you on a click-by-click basis, you as a website owner would obviously want the ads that delivers the highest paying keywords.

Advertisers or sponsors pay the service providers to get their ads delivered on the search results pages of companies like Google, Yahoo, Lycos, etc. Programs like Pay Per Click gives the advertisers additional reach, by displaying their ads onto an estimated 200,000 additional websites.

The real twist in this entire process is that the service provider pays each web publisher or owner a commission, in exchange for running the ads. Many publishers have made good money anywhere from between $50 to $200 per month and more.

Now interestingly, most website owners are losing out on significant profits by simply posting the ad delivery codes on their websites. The key to generating more revenues lies in identifying the expensive or highest paying keywords, that could be correlated with exiting keywords and thus deliver quality content for the web pages.

Today PPC search engine, on line advertising and affiliate marketing businesses combine to generate a market of over $25 billion a year in revenues. Therefore understanding keyword pricing is extremely critical. Generating substantial profits is really not that challenging especially when you know that you have a market of this size, potential and enormity.

Content Management:

In simple words, content management could be described as the material, story, business information, product features which is available on your website for your visitors. There are website or companies which manages a large database of contents on various subjects and which is often sought to describe the company business background or it’s corporate history.

All content should be original in its nature & based on the relevance of your products. There are many design templates providers for you to chose, that will allow you to understand the process of uploading your files to your web space account. Once all the above process is completed you must focus your attention on the many affiliates, pay-per-click programs, search engines & other related programs to earn you perks from your web site.

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