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In order for a system to survive, especially when it comes to the internet, it has to be capable of growing and evolving. One system that is proving this to be correct is social bookmarking which is a Web 2.0 concept and technology that is becoming increasingly popular as a means of generating website traffic quickly, easily and effectively. All Web 2.0 concepts are working hard to bring like minded people together, and like minded people are your target market if they are interested in whatever you are trying to market. In order words, social networking and social bookmarking websites are all about collecting your target markets together for you. Take advantage of this while you can.

Web 2.0 and social networking and social bookmarking concepts are all about making the internet experience more user-friendly, and more easily maneuverable in general. Everything is about ease of use, and making it simpler and more straight forward for internet users to find what they are looking for, to communicate with like minded people, to join relevant communities, and to find the products, services and information that they seek in a manner that is friendly, easy to understand, and meets all of their individual needs at the same time. Web 2.0 is meeting these needs by revolutionizing how internet marketers communicate with their target markets.

Social bookmarking works hand in hand with Web 2.0 marketing because it allows people to initially rate the web. Websites like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon are all about website visitors voicing their opinions on website, media, news stories and pretty much everything else that you can find online. On Digg, for example, viewable at http://www.digg.com, you can “digg” stories that you find interesting, and the more an article, new story or piece of media is “dugg” the more popular it becomes. Websites that gain popularity through Digg gain significant exposure on featured news stories pages and through significant word of mouth advertising.

Reddit and StumbleUpon are no different. StumbleUpon, for example, gives “Stumblers” a toolbar that allows them to browse random websites, “stumbling” the ones that they want to share with the rest of the community. By stumbling upon these websites, internet users can rate and categorize every website they come across on the web, making it easier for like minded people to find the websites that are the most relevant to their search.

What this means for Web 2.0 marketers, and other internet marketers who are looking to take advantage of social bookmarking to make some money is that you need to create websites that appeal to these people. The more appealing your website is, the more likely it will be to be dugg or stumbled, which means word of mouth advertising will take your website profitability to the next level. If you are not yet taking advantage of social bookmarking as a legitimate form of advertising and marketing for your product, service or information, now is the time for you to jump in and get involved.

To your online marketing success!

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