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You can find used RVs for sale in a variety of places including seized auctions, police auctions, private sales through magazine adverts or even Used RV Sales dealerships.

Before attempting to purchase a motorhome you need to have a good idea as to exactly which type of vehicle will cover your needs especially if it is your first time buying an RV. To help you discover which vehicle you need you should be asking yourself the following type of questions; How often do you plan to use the vehicle? What will be the length of your trips? How many people will be sleeping regularly in the motorhome. You answers will undoubtedly point you in the direction of a certain type of RV or camper.

If this is your first time buying an RV then a good place to start looking is at a used RV dealership. There you will find a complete range of models of all shapes and sizes from old to new.
You will be able to see exactly what sort of thing is available and what will suit you. As an added measure of security and peace of mind for you your should be able to get some sort of guarantee from most dealers and if you are prepared to pay a little extra you might even be interested in an extended guarantee.

The more adventurous and experienced you are you might want to try and purchase your motorhome in a private deal from someone advertising in the specialized motorhome magazines or even in the local press or off the Internet. You will be able to get a much better price than a the dealerships but the purchase involves a slightly higher amount o risk. You will not have the security of the dealership nor of the albeit limited guarantee. You should be meticulous in looking over every aspect of the vehicle before you buy, if possible take a mechanic with you and maybe even another motorhome owner to give you their unbiased opinion too. Check that all the paperwork is in order and that the VIN number matches the actual plaque on the vehicle.

For the fearless there exists the possibility of purchasing your RV from a seized auction or a police auction. Here you can get some real bargains at times. This however is not for the faint hearted. To be able to get the most out of buying at an auction you need to know how to value a motorhome in an instant. Find out how much it would sell for in a private deal, find any defects or repairs that need undertaking and work out a price for those repairs. Adding up the approximate value, the repairs and the auctioneers percentage you will arrive at your maximum bid amount. In most auctions you will be able to get vehicle at a fraction of that amount but at times there are inexperienced bidders who push up the price beyond what the vehicle is worth. It is very easy to get trapped into bidding high for a motorhome you have previously spent hours examining and have decided that you could bid for

With that said, at most auctions you will find opening bids around the $100 mark and you will find that on occasions you can get RVs in excellent condition, relatively new for only a fraction of what they are worth.

You can find police auctions in your area by visiting the Seized Vehicle Auctions web site or the Auction Pass site. There you can come across many Motorhomes or RVs that are nearly new with really low mileage. The sites have regularly updated databases of the upcoming auctions and the vehicles that will be available.

For more information and ideas on how to find used campers for sale and how to value them see our web site listed below.

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