Uncover Google AdSense and Its Most Important Rule

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Google AdSense is a program that will really help you earn easy money. All you need to do is sign up for an account and link your site.

But, to maximize your earning potential on this program, you have to spend time in learning about the program and the most important rule: no cheating.

For every click or impression that your visitor will do, you’ll be paid by Google which is paid too by the advertisers.

Although you’re only getting the percentage of what the advertisers paid to Google, it’s totally worth the try.

Cheating is not tolerated by Google as it may stain the fairness of the process. Getting unnatural views and traffics can cause harm to your account.

Your AdSense earnings could be cut off or you can never take what you have acquired for quite a time.

Advertisers want visitors that may be a potential buyer/customer of their product. It’s the main reason why they’re paying Google is to find buyers/customers.

Your family and friends are definitely not going to be one because you only forced them to do so and not willingly. They’re not interested in the content of the ads.

Advertisers are paying for these ads to be displayed on your site or blog because they’re expecting something in return.

They’re finding customers who are willing t buy their products or services. Google AdSense carries around easy-to-follow policies and rules so you don’t necessarily need to “cheat”. All you need to do is to be on the good side of Google.

Improve your website instead and it will instantly bring in “targeted” visitors. Write interesting contents that you think Search Engines will put in the top rank for being relevant. Search Engines will help you bring “targeted” searchers to your website that will read and click those ads.

You’ll get a commission for just doing a little work. Isn’t it lovely? You don’t need to help the companies sell their product by doing physical work, all you need to do is display their little ad on your website.

Asking for help to your family and friends will not work in Google AdSense. They don’t need “forced” visitors and cheaters.

You know that is against the Google AdSense Program Policies. Help yourself and work it to go all the way up.

Cheating will only ruin your reputation to other companies and will not probably accept your applications to them, in case you decided to do so.

If Google caught your wrong doings, you’ll be instantly banned from AdSense. Say goodbye to your potential income.

Here’s a list of 5 don’ts that you need to follow:

  • Don’t click on your own ads or do some tricks that will help you boost the number of clicks, unnaturally.

  • Don’t integrate more ads than what’s allowed on your page.

  • Don’t put the ads on empty pages. It will be considered as a form of spam.

  • Don’t create more than one Google AdSense account.

  • Don’t hide or mask Google AdSense ads. It should be visible and recognizable to the visitors.

Avoiding these don’ts can lead you to your sweet success. The most important rule that Google has been reminding all its users is to “Don’t cheat!”

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