Trade Show Display Rentals – Tips For Creating Booth Displays

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There are 300 trade show events at the Orange County Convention Center in Central Florida. Since 2005 Orlando had a 25 percent increase in collective 7.3 million square feet of trade showing space. This means about 1.4 million attendees contribute around $1.4 billion to the area’s economic impact each year. It seems to be the place to be for trade shows, “despite the cyclical nature of the trade show industry,” says Tom Ackert, executive director of the Orange Country Conventional Center.

Quick assembly Pop Up Booths are the trade show display style that many are considering, but sometimes exhibitors are forgetting the small but important details Sure, these booths are a quick way to make a big statement in less than thirty minutes; they are fast, affordable, and have a professional look of an all-in-one package, so this way, designing a booth is not a process but more of an entertainment. You should consider a few components that come with having a spectacular booth and trade show experience.

We suggest you take notes on yourself. What has been an attraction at your booth in the past? You can apply this information to how you set up the information you want to share inside your booth. Ask yourself, “How are you advertising and displaying your products image?” Think from a consumer’s perspective and ask yourself “what would be an easy way to say a lot in a matter of seconds?” For a Pop Up Booth a 205 minute video works well. When attendee’s visit your booth what are they asking about, touching, and stopping to look at most? Noticing what other exhibitors are doing isn’t enough to be up smart about marketing your own products and services since your traffic could be of a totally different demographic. Names and colors are what will be remembered so your visuals, headers and graphics should be loud and clear.

Remember that Ordering more than you need never hurts- It is a good idea to let visitors leave with something more than just your bent business card, create a mini brochure, or bio sheet, a giveaway, this will keep you in the minds of your visitors. Sometimes candy and playing music at your booth isn’t enough and having something with your name, brand logo or slogan or a line sheet with your catalog products is best to be remembered.

And never let a visitor leave your booth without getting their contact information too. The worst feeling is talking with a visitor for 10 minutes and only giving away your own information. If you are looking for an innovative way to collect information try a touch screen Kiosk in your booth, which can be a fun way to ask visitors to plug in their information. You can also have your laptop rental ready and create a data sheet to keep track of names and important numbers you don’t want to forget.

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