The Single Most Effective Marketing Tool For Service-Based Businesses in 2010

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Service-based businesses have to work continually harder at attracting new clients due to the lack of tangible product to market. Instead, professionals must find ways to grow their client base at a relatively low cost. When I talk about cost, I am not only talking about fiscal value. Service providers have only time to sell, so you don’t want to be using up all your time chasing new leads.

Now most of us are all aware of the power of Google. Google AdWords are conveniently placed on the tops of search lists but are costly and often ignored by savvy modern consumers. Organic search rankings are much better received and if you can get your name on the top page (first ten results) you are well ahead of the pack. But what if you can’t? What if there are 40,000 businesses in your industry or you have been black-listed by Google for something you don’t even know that you did?

How will you get traffic to your website then? Manually directing customers via link backs, affiliate marketing and article writing is a fantastic way to get traffic. It really does work – but at what cost? Articles take time to write and must be kept updated & relevant. Affiliate marketing really does work but you must provide individual offers to each affiliate, more of your time gone.

So how else can you get more traffic? Social networking? Tweeting allows you 140 characters at a time to say whatever you like, apart from blatant promotion. A Facebook page is like a free mini website with a mini blog built in- great! How do people find you there again?..

Sounds like service-based businesses have quite the marketing calamity then, doesn’t it? Well, let me introduce you to: Facebook Ads.

Facebook has: 400 million members,

39 billion (yes Billion!) page views per month,

5% of the number of advertisers on Google,

30% of users are aged 35-65, its not just for young people!,

better targeting, inventory, conversions and less outlay than Google

And!.. Wait for it.. You can add IMAGES to your Facebook ads, unlike Google AdWords.

With more specific targeting than ANY other current form of advertising you can keep your advertising dollars for GENUINE prospects. Much more relevant than any mailing list you can buy, greater accuracy than Census data and CHEAP as CHIPS – literally.

Aside from targeting consumers via keywords (which you can certainly do with Facebook), you can also target people via their interests, job titles, education level, location, age, birthday, relationship status and more.. All information WILLINGLY handed over to Facebook, rather than LIED ABOUT in a survey.

So, this phenomenal marketing tool is so amazing because it ONLY targets who you want, those who will actually use your products and services. These are QUALIFIED leads that are combined with few competitors in your field. Facebook has a minimum advertising charge of US$7 and that is a pictorial advert that runs for a week.. Where else can you find cheaper?

Talk to me today to find out to integrate Facebook Ads into your next marketing campaign.

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