Submit Only High Quality, Original Articles – The Ultimate Article Marketing Tip for Coaches

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There’s no doubt that there’s no better way to promote information-based products and services (like coaching programs) in the online arena than article marketing. People who consider doing business with you would want to know how in-depth your knowledge in your chosen niche is. They want to get a guarantee that you have what it takes to provide the best answers to their burning questions and that you can easily take them to where they would like to be. Through article marketing, you can easily showcase your expertise in your chosen field.

However, keep in mind that the only way to get noticed in this field is to produce articles that are not only informative but 100% original as well. Gone are the days when rehashed content are accepted by major article marketing sites and when duplicate articles are getting better rankings on Google. Today, the rules in content distribution are very clear: if you want to secure better page rank, you better work harder to give online users nothing but the best.

Writing high quality, original articles will surely take more time and energy but it’s something that you can easily do. Start by doing your research before writing your articles. Read those copies related to your coaching programs to figure out the information that are already out there. Through this, you’ll know what topics were not explored yet and what information is not yet offered to online users.

Continue by sharing a slice of your expertise. Your articles will surely become more valuable to the eyes of your target audience if you fill them up with exclusive, useful information. Based on experience, these people will be more impressed if you offer them with tips list, how-to guides, and expert advice. They’ll love you even more if you tell them exactly what they need to do in order to realize their goals or solve their pressing issues. Again, ensure that the information you’re offering are unique. They must not be copied from other websites or article marketing sites. Rehashing other web content will do you more harm than good.

Do not distribute your articles without checking them first. To make them reader-friendly, ensure that they’re relatively short and scannable. Online users simply love those that contain several white blank spaces and those that contain sub headings and bullet list. Read your articles over and over again to easily identify grammar, spelling, and other embarrassing errors. It will also help if you look at them through the eyes of other people. Get your friends and family members to read your articles and encourage them to offer you feedback.

Writing high quality, original articles is indeed a lot of work. But believe me when I say that this is the best thing that you can do to ensure that Google and online users will start paying attention to you and later on, to the coaching programs that you’re selling.

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