Step by Step Guide on How to Get Free Advertising Through Classified Ads

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Most of the people say that free advertising on the internet is a total waste of time. In fact, it is not true at all. Free advertising is one of the many ways affiliates can use to achieve success in their home business. If you know the way to utilize free advertising, you can expand your business to a higher level. The only thing that might be a little inconvenient about using free advertising is that you need to spend more time on it compared to using paid advertising.

If you have tried it out before but failed to get any response from potential customers, perhaps you are doing it in the wrong way. Don’t worry, you will learn everything you need to know about starting your home business and the ways to get more profits before you start your first free advertising campaign.

– What You Need To Do Before Starting on Free Ads

It is recommended to set up an extra business email address before you post your free ad. One tricky part about free ad is you need to confirm your ad confirmation email before the ad is displayed. In another word, you will receive an email stating the status of your ad and requires you to click on a confirmation link. Imagine when you post to classified networks, you are bound to get hundreds of emails in any day.

It is best to set up your email using the free Gmail or Yahoo account so that these emails will not clutter your real business email inbox. Clean up the inbox once a week would be enough. Sometimes you need to register before you can post ad so you need to verify your email address. It is better to use the same password for all registrations for easier management.

– Post Your Ads on Every Tuesday 12 Noon CST

According to a survey, you need to know the ad statistic before you post your ad to ensure maximum benefit from the free advertising. There is a statistic that states the internet traffic flows according to the hours of the day. Example:

A chart shows the traffic hits during the days of the week.

A chart shows traffic hits from different time zones

After you have read the statistic, you need to combine them into a new report that you can use to predict when is it the best time to post your free ad. When you have estimated the time and day where most people would be active on the internet, that is when you need to strike. Simply by doing this, you can have 10 folds of advantages or more.

– Focus On Your Ads

Focus is really important when you are posting your ad. I can’t deny that it is easily to get side tracked when you see something like ‘Post 2000 ads here for free’ or ‘Use this software to submit ads to 500,000 sites’. However, be clear about one thing in advertising, that is if the method is really effective, there won’t be such an ad trying to get you to take on the sale. The owner would have use it all by himself if it really works so take no notice of such ads.

Again, I need to emphasize that submission software is helpless. This is because the software will submit to dead sites that have no human visits to the site so what’s the point of wasting your money just to end up having ads in a place no one ever visits? The only ways to submit ads are manual submission and the use of AdWizard.

– Placing Your Ads

Find the right category for your ad such as Business Opportunity or Work At Home. If there is MLM and the likes, pick those. If you can post in many categories, then it would be better but otherwise, pick the most suitable category.

Most of the time, you are given a form to fill in your URL but there are times when you are compulsory to fill in the URL. The best way is to fill in your URL all the time when you are posting your ad. When you post your first ad on the sites, you don’t have to add in the sites to AdWizard yet but wait until you see which sites are getting more traffic for you. Then you can add those sites to AdWizard.

You need to find as many classified sites as possible to ensure positive results. If you do it correctly, you will find your gold. Submit to sites that can bring at least a visitor to your site. Don’t waste time on sites that do not bring you any results. Soon, you will know the pattern of visitors coming to your site from which classified sites. While you might be getting steady visitors from the sites, be sure to keep on submitting to new sites so that you get to track the new classified ads and perhaps add more worthy sites to your list.

– How Frequent You Need To Post Your Ads

You are advised to post your ads once a day to the classified sites that can bring high traffic to your site. However, check out the sites before you post your ad to make sure there is no multiple ads from you. Generally the ads can stay up to weeks but sometimes it can roll off within an hour or so.

– How To Find Classified Ad Sites

You can easily find the sites through any online sites.

Do not repeat other people’s mistake. You are not recommended to search in the search engine for keyword such as ‘classified ad sites’.

If you search for ‘classified ad sites’, you will get a lot of results but not the ones you need. You are trying to reach out to your target audience so search for ‘work at home’ or ‘home based business’.

Do not place your ads on the wrong sites as you will never reach your target audience by doing so.

Imagine that you are looking for any work at home opportunity so how will you search for it? Come up with the phrases that might be used in the search of the opportunities and search every one of it. This is part of a research about the keywords used to search for such home based business.

When you have got the results from each keyword, visit the top 20 sites appeared on Yahoo and Google and take note of little details on the sites. Make note of everything that is important and you are set.

You might find it is time consuming but you will also feel it is all worthy.

– How To Track Your Results

You need to track the results of every ad you submitted. This is to make sure you know how many visitors are visiting your site and where do they come from?

It is easy to track the results as you can simply add a HTML code to your site and you can recover all sorts of statistic about your visitors. Then you can trace back to the ad that brings in the most visitors to your site. Soon, you will have an idea of the sites you need to submit more ads and the sites you can scrap off your list.

If you realised internet marketing is easier to track compared to offline advertising. Internet is a large playground that you can have control unlike offline advertising.

An example would be:

When you open a new store in town and of course you want everyone to know about your business so you place ads in the newspapers and commercial flyers to the mailboxes. People will come to your store and you are happy about it. The only problem is you do not know whether these people come to your store after they have read the newspapers or the flyers. If you want to know you will have to ask every one of them but that seems crazy.

However, with internet marketing, you get to track everything easily.

Remember to place ads when the internet is most active and at the end of the day, you just make notes of the sites that provide positive results and forget the no results classified sites. Soon, you will realise how powerful it is using free advertising to send visitors to your site.

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