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Buses are bigger and are seen by more people, which make them almost ideal for advertising. They can be driven almost anywhere and can readily be transformed to display messages. If your company has a brand or product to promote, a road show bus and be cost-effective method of reaching more people in more places.

An eye catching display that moves, has always shown to attract more attention than static displays, and having a rolling billboard such as a road show bus that can be customized and emblazoned with representative graphics, such as logos and branding will create an even more powerful and unforgettable impact.

A road show bus can be driven to locations where interested parties are likely to congregate. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why many of the larger corporations have roadshow buses that are often driven to major events.

One of the important metrics for measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is CPM, or cost per 1000 impressions. Because of the size – a bus can be more than thirty feet long and 15 feet high, buses present some of the lowest CPM for any advertising methods.

Buses can be used to promote anything, and with the additional mobility factor, the message can be brought directly to the people, instead of trying to attract the people to the message. Buses can be equipped or decked-out to suit the company or product with prominent colours or signature slogans. Dedicated buses can be modified for branding purposes. Structural modifications can be made, both internally and externally, and double Decker buses can usually provide more space with which you can work.

Buses can be made available for purchase or rent, with different agreements, and they can be modified to desired specifications and branded with desired messages. The choice of rental or purchase will depend on the purpose of the campaign and may also include other factors such as duration and operating costs.

A double Decker bus can usually converted to a roadshow bus, with the lower deck used as an exhibition area, while the upper deck is used for hospitality. Other conversions can include office areas training areas, and computer suites. Buses have shown to be acceptable to a wide range of demographics, and appear to be among the most liked and tolerated forms of advertising.

Outdoor advertising on buses offers flexibility, where campaigns can be more targeted or focused and can include additional features for higher impact, such as audio and video presentations. The fact the delivery media is now fully mobile, means that more powerful interactive capability can be included, as you are now in full contact with your audience. Full contact also provides the valuable opportunities to increase credibility while building trust.

Being in contact with a captive and interested audience is one of the moments that most marketers strive to create. Being able to do so with the high-impact presentation that comes from a rolling billboard such as a bus, can create even more memorable impressions.

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