Radio Commercial Production Prices: Are They Worth It?

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Are the costs associated with creating a professional radio commercial worth it? After all, it is just a voice talking for thirty or sixty seconds mixed with music and some sound effects. How much can that possibly cost?

These are all very valid questions. In every area of life, there is a saying that rings true: “You get what you pay for”. This could not be more true than in the world of radio commercial production. There are many things that separate the pro’s from the armatures, and price will certainly be one of them.

“Bargain Basement” prices (in the range of $0 to $150) on radio commercial production should be approached with serious trepidation. Why?

Because like it or not, creating a quality radio commercial costs money. No, if and’s or butts.If you are paying next to nothing for it, chances are there is more than one corner being cut, and the quality of that ad will undoubtedly suffer.

When you purchase the services of a radio commercial reputable production company, you are paying for several things.

  1. An experienced professional voice-over artist that knows how to deliver a message.
  2. Script writers who know how to craft messages that get results
  3. Commercial Rights to use the background music and sound effects in the commercial

Once you add all of this up, you are looking at a starting price point of $250 or more depending on the fees associated with the voice talent used, the copy writers and the type of music used (stock or a custom created score). All that being said, you will likely end up with a very good sounding radio commercial that you will be proud to share with your friends and play on a continuous loop at holiday parties. (You may want to avoid that though).

How is it then that some places offer “dirt cheap” radio commercials? Well… To put it nicely… The simple act of owning a microphone and reading a script does not make one a “voice over” or radio commercial production professional. Some people feel it does. It is up to you to be aware of this.

Bargain basement jobs often times will lose the benefit of a professional script writer. And let’s face it, without a good script, you don’t have anything. It’s not exactly something you want to skimp on. The voice talent is likely nowhere near the caliber of a more professional outlet. Think karaoke Elton John vs. Real Elton John. As well and production elements such as music that are also of your “cheese gone bad” variety.

At the end of the day, you can get a radio commercial for next to nothing, or quite literally “nothing” in some cases or you can invest in a professionally created message. Both will have a voice and music, both will be called a “commercial”, only one will likely have an intended effect on those listening though.

Just as my five year sings along to songs on the radio. I recognize that she knows how to sing a song. However I don’t put her skill set in line with that of Aerosmith. The same can be said about quality radio production vs. the cheap ones that cut corners.

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