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If you are thinking about owning your own profitable home based business, then you need to seriously think about advertising if you intend to build a strong and lasting business.

Most people think that if they have a website, then they already have a booming business. These people could not be more wrong! An online business starts with having a website and a web host, but if that’s all you’ve got, then who else is going to know about you?

The 98% of people who start an online business and decide to pack it in early because it’s “not working” are probably experiencing difficulties partly due to the fact that they have not properly marketed their business.

Just because you have a great website does not mean people will visit it. Not letting friends, family, neighbors, and the whole wide world know about your site may just be the mistake that causes you to quit your business.

A good reason that most people quit is because they don’t have a business plan, and have not budgeted for advertising in a way that is sustainable and manageable for them.

They get caught up in the “chicken or the egg” phenomenon, except the question is “What comes first – the advertising or the sales?” You can’t make sales unless you advertise, but you can’t advertise unless you make sales.

Not marketing your business can break you. So here are some ways you can market your business:

Many people trying to run a profitable home based business often forget that offline advertising is just as important as online advertising.

For example, you can have business cards made and hand them out in public places, run newspaper or yellow-page ads, or make up a brochure with a free product sample.

Having bumper stickers or license plate frames made with your business name on them and a catchy slogan can be done fairly cheap.

You can pin a flashy button on your shirt or jacket and wear it to public events to get some cheap publicity for your business name.

It’s important when marketing your profitable home-based business to choose a niche market and become an expert in a specific area. When you become an expert by knowing and researching your area, then people will turn to you for advice, and recognize your name.

People who are just starting a profitable home based business will either spend a lot all at once and see quick results that disappear as their cash disappears, or they will spend a little, and have to work extra hard to make up for what they don’t spend. In the long run, it’s actually a balanced plan of both time and money that works the best.

With online businesses these days, there are some very cheap ways to market that are often forgot about and neglected. If there are free or cheap ways of advertising, people won’t think it is a good advertising method, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Some of the best ways to advertise online are writing articles, posting in discussion forums, blogging, posting free classified ads, and getting your website links spread across the internet.

These methods can be used all together, or you can focus on one method and master that one method. There are many successful entrepreneurs using only one method such as article writing.

If you can come up with your own original articles, all you pay for is the distribution service, unless you want to submit them by hand. You can even have ghostwriters write your articles for you, and if this is your only or your main way of spreading the word about your business, then the cost is relatively cheap.

These methods will ensure that your profitable home-based business grows over the long term into a sustainable business that earns you both monetary and non-monetary rewards.

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