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What is a press release? It is a letter that is sent out to the media, such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television about your business.

Exposing your business to the media through a press release can be a very effective advertising method. News media such as newspapers and television depend on press releases to provide interesting stories for their customers.

The media is all over the internet so why not take the time to interest them in your business? Read a few press releases before you start writing yours. It is important to use the correct format so visit and for some excellent examples.

Writing a press release is much different then writing an article. A press release should be brief, yet include enough information so that a journalist could put together a short article using just the information that you provide. It should not be an advertisement or a sales brochure.

Here are some press release writing tips:

1. A press release should look and sound like news.

2. Only send your press release to the media that is related to your topic.

3. Keep your press releases short. No more then one page in length.

4. The top of your release should contain your contact information and the date.

5. Try to use short sentences and double space in between lines.

6. Capture your readers attention with your title and the first few sentences.

7. Include the basics – who, what, where, when and why right from the beginning. Get to your point immediately.

8. Make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. Proofread over and over.

9. End your press release with a summary.

Anyone can distribute a press release, but to be successful a press release needs to appeal to a broad audience, be professional and most of all it must be news worthy. Press release marketing may be one of the most cost effective as well as powerful forms of advertising available today. A well written informative press release will help show your readers that you know your business and will also help to brand your company or website.

Many entrepreneurs think that their online business is not newsworthy.

What might you consider newsworthy?

– A new service or product that you are offering on your website.

– The results of an online survey.

– A new website.

– An online award that your website or business has won.

– A new ezine or newsletter that you are publishing.

– Any give aways that you may be offering.

– A new ebook you wrote.

A news story can generate more business then any other form of advertising. If your fist attempt does not get much attention, keep trying until you find the right combination.

Writing a press release is something that has to be learned. The more you practice, the better you get at it.

Develop your writing skills, tell a story about something you love, like your business and the rewards can be huge.

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