Online Business Ideas For the Stay at Home Mom and Dad

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There are a multitude of Home Base Business opportunites to choose from these days. With the progress of the internet and its many online business opportunities today, the stay at home parent has the ability to utilize this powerful tool to launch a Successful Home-base Business. There are a number of online business opportunities, too many to cover in this article, so I’ll go over 3 of my favorites as a review for you to ponder.

The first Home-base Business opportunity we will look into is a Network Marketing business. Don’t worry! I’m talking about a strictly online business, totally internet based. No old school methods like cult-style meetings or selling to family and friends. Today, many online marketing systems are fully automated.

A major attraction for this kind of system is that the selling is done for you on autopilot, qualifying and disqualifying leads. Large commission checks are being earned this way and once your organization has been set, up you are able to receive residual income for life. This makes online Network Marketing highly lucrative.

Another way stay at home parents can earn money is through Affiliate Marketing programs. The upfront cost of being an affiliate marketer are lower than that of Network Marketing as you are basically receiving a commission from a vendor or business you represent when you make a sale. These guys sell anything from how-to E-books to software down to underwear! Just choose your niche market.

Last but not least is Blogging. You can earn money online writing about whatever you wish. Just set up a free account with someone like and you’re good to go. As your audience grows you can earn payments for incorporating company’s links on your site. When someone clicks on one of these links you receive commission by displaying Google Adsence advertising. You can also use your blog to promote products that you are an affiliate for.

Heck!…if your good enough, you could even offer your writing services to others by advertising your skills on, on this site people get to bid for your services, if their bid suits you…your in business! 🙂

These are just some examples of how stay at home Moms and Dads can make money online. Whether it’s a little extra cash or a full blown career it can be a pretty exciting experience when you receive your first commission check as a Home-base Business owner.

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