New Media Interactive Advertising Vs Traditional Advertising

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However, over the years, with development, the approach to advertising has seen a huge transition. We are talking about the two approaches to advertising – the New Media Interactive Advertising and the Traditional method of advertising.

The age old mode of advertising is assumptive in nature, which means that the marketing team assumes the temperament of the target audience. They either do a survey of a certain section of society or else predict the nature of customers they are dealing with. The ad campaign and the launch of the ad is done purely on these assumptions. The market trends are calculated and analyzed by studying the previous years’ data and this has been the technique used in conventional advertising. Therefore the whole motive of presenting the audience with an ad comes from hypothesis based on preceding data.

The new media Interactive advertising, on the other hand, as the term quite aptly suggests is interactive. That is to say that the method employed to promote the product/service is via communicating with the concerned audience. It basically involves corresponding to the customers and asking them their feedback, their choice, their suggestions etc to build a better ad campaign based on their answers. Customers feel appreciated as their issues are addressed personally and they can opine their views as well. It is most important to make the customer feel special by allowing them to respond good/bad as they like. This way, the products can be reviewed according to the customer’s preference.

One of the key areas where New Media Interactive Advertising outshines the traditional method is that age group that both consider. In the former one, age groups of all kinds may be interested for example, to take an online survey or post comments/reviews, games etc. where as the traditional form of advertising which is usually the print or the broadcast media is restricting in nature. The print media has brochures for advertisement which are tiresome to read, plus they don’t offer a possibility of any kind of feedback. Television broadcast allows advertisements only between programmes, where the viewer prefers to change the channel more often.

The costs incurred in the new interactive advertising are much less than other forms. An online ad space is much cheaper than a space in newspapers or broadcast spaces. Sales are boosted naturally for the business as customers are attracted by the graphics and the multimedia used on the websites. There is scope for swift improvement and modification in interactive advertising and as well as the working cultural of interactive advertising agency.

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