Mondelis Opportunity Review – Is Mondelis Following the Footsteps of Ijango?

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Mondelis is a recent addition to the network marketing company. I was very impressed by the corporate structure, its great to see thats it built from experienced network marketers. As stated on their website they have over 300+ years of combined network marketing experience.

This type of support and true network marketing distributor experience is critical for any company who is involved in mlm. You will see hundreds of companies launch literally every month it seems like, but very few maybe 2 out of 100 have a true network marketing corporate leadership.

Mondelis has come out with a very technology driven opportunity where they have connected the internet triangle. What I mean by the internet triangle is this: The internet consist of 3 major areas that have the most traffic and produce the most advertising dollars for companies.

The there main areas are: 

1. Social Networking

2. Online Video Gaming

3. Online Shopping

If you notice there are over 200 million people alone on Facebook, Gamevance and some of the bigger gaming sites are generating millions from its advertising space they sell. I don’t really have to talk about online shopping because 99% of us have bought some type of product through the internet in the past 10years.

Here is how I came to the conclusing that Mondelis is following the steps of Ijango. Mondelis is wanting to create a society of people in their own social network, but also have them tap into online shopping and video gaming through their main social network site.

Ijango recently launched a very similar concept with a website that is partnered with Google, MSN, Yahoo and many of high power websites to create a 1 stop shop. I personally think the only 1 stop shop right now that has proven to work is Walmart.

Mondelis has a very promising compensation plan, although its the exact same to Monavie’s structure, even the name of the different pen levels is the exact same. This is a phycological technique for many people who have moved away from Monavie for whatever reason, they now have the opportunity to achieve the same ranking name with a different company. This is where the experience of 300+ years in network marketing comes together and observes all other powerful companies and replicates or attempts too at least.

What I do like about this company being a web driven opportunity they will be able to pay out way more than any distribution driven company. There main overhead will be running the servers, but not need for a huge warehouse or product manufacturing facility.

Now there is a big ordeal about this being internet driven mainly, and that will be this: How will Mondelis distributors truly attack the internet in the correct form to attract new top quality distributors into their businesses?

There is a very profound and simple system that can be placed infront of Mondelis which is called MLM Lead system pro. MLM lead system pro will provide the fundamentals and the marketing strategies that many of the 7-figure earners in online network marketing use to build massive lists and huge downlines of distributors in short periods of time.

The system is designed to give you the ability to attract tons of high quality prospects to your Mondelis business, but also for all of those who do not say YES or stay on the fence for a while you will still earn from their efforts whether they join you or not.

What will determine you success with Mondelis is going to be simple, just take action and begin using the power of the interent to attract 15-20 new people every single day, so you never run out of people to share this awesome opportunity with.

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