Mistakes That Tell You to Avoid This Graphic Designer

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He does Not Understand Instructions

Good communication is very important between designers and their clients. Clients should give clear and complete instructions and designers should be responsible enough to understand and follow them even if they need to ask questions from time to time.

As a suggestion, designers should go over the directives of their clients several times, take notes and do some brainstorming. If the designer is confused with any of the directives, it is imperative to contact the client immediately to clarify things.

He does Not Think Out-Of-The-Box

Though thinking out-of-the-box may be considered as a cliche, this does not mean it is not true. One of the major graphic design mistakes when making logos and other designs is remaining in the well-traveled road and doing what is familiar.

Graphic design is a creative in nature and therefore, it requires creativity to succeed. Designers should try new things that are unusual and out of this world. They can do some experimenting and play around. They may not be successful at times but they will never know unless they try.

He uses Too Many Fonts

It may be fun to play around with fonts but this may not register well with viewers. It can be annoying and tiring to read text that changes font type every now and then. Designers should use only a maximum of 3 fonts in a single layout.

Actually, it would be best to use one or two fonts. One type of font gives continuity, which is a good thing. When designing business cards, the number of fonts should be lower since there is only limited space.

He overthinks Everything

Even if it is allowed to add more to a design, it does not mean that this should be done. Simplicity is the best way to go. Therefore, designers should not go wild when using software. It is not a major mistake to over-design, but it can bring about serious issues.

Lots of stuff in a design makes it difficult for viewers to extract information. A design has to breathe and flourish by itself. It is not that bad to have a blank space, and most of the time, it is actually better than filling the whole space with stuff.

When the design of the brochure is filled with lots of fonts, colors and images, this should be modified and kept to a bare minimum. This way, customers can focus more on the key features of their business that they want to emphasize.

He promises a lot but Delivers a little

So far, of all the mistakes covered, this is the worst and most damaging of all. In terms of graphic design, there will seldom be a “quick” job.

When designers discuss deadlines and expectations with their client, they have to see to it they do not give false hopes or promises they won’t be able to fulfil. Finishing a project earlier than a long deadline is a lot better than finishing later than a short deadline.When it comes to design requirements, it is best to hire the services of a reputable freelance graphic designer to avoid delays in the project.

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