Managing an Online Reputation With an Interactive Marketing Agency

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Hiring an interactive marketing agency to manage an online reputation is no longer an option; it’s a business requirement today, no matter what industry. These days, what customers, vendors and suppliers say on social media is extremely important.

Unfortunately, if it’s on the Internet, people tend to believe it, no matter how untrue or unflattering it is.

That’s what makes managing social media reputation even more crucial. As more customers turn to transparent customer review websites such as Yelp, Amazon and others, what’s said on the Internet does matter. Businesses can’t control what is said, but they can manage a response to it and develop proactive measures if necessary.

Here are three reasons why hiring an interactive marketing agency is critical to the success of a company’s online reputation.

Business Owners Can’t Manage It Alone

Most company owners are so busy running their respective companies – sales, payroll, administration, etc. – that it’s impossible to focus on social media and what people might be saying about them. There’s always a pressing matter to attend to, and, unfortunately, online initiatives can get pushed further down on the to-do list. Many companies don’t have the time or the patience to train an employee for all of the intricate nuances of social media. And, more importantly, a company might not know best practices when it comes to interacting in social media.

An interactive marketing firm has the expertise and experience to manage issues so that clients can spend more time focusing on their core businesses.

Improve Online Reputations With Outsourced Social Media

Years ago, if a customer was unsatisfied, they complained to the owner or maybe a few of their friends. Today, they not only complain, they do it online for millions to read. A hard-earned reputation that took years to build can be ruined literally overnight with just a few keystrokes.

Not only that, complaints can exist for years on sites such as YouTube. A once private business dispute is now displayed publicly for the entire world to see. It’s virtually impossible to control everything that’s said about a company, product or service on the web. What can be managed is the response. An agency can develop an offensive and defensive plan if problems crop up.

It’s a near certainty that a web savvy client will do an online search first, before they contact a company. What shows up during that search can determine if a potential customer will call, stay on a website or buy a product. What a company can’t see can’t hurt it, right? Wrong.

Not knowing what is said on the web is like doing business blindfolded and handcuffed: It’s a handicap that could put a company out of business or severely hamper sales. Corporations must know what is being said on social media about them and, more importantly, develop a plan to manage it.

Hiring an interactive marketing agency to create a reputation management strategy isn’t just a smart move; it’s a good business move.

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