Making Your Virtual Assistant Business Stand Out

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Every business should create a unique selling proposition in order to challenge the competition and drive virtual sales higher – and help their website stand out from all the others. This includes a virtual assistant business – especially with all the newfound competition on the web.

Market analysts call this a business’ unique selling proposition (USP). A USP makes a virtual assistant business stand out and lures potential clients away from competitors. Your USP should be your secret weapon which sets you apart from all the others. It has to be unique and identifiable to your virtual assistant business only – and should grab people’s attention at the very read. Try to make it something that isn’t easily copied and offers your customers a specific and marketable benefit that you can capitalize on when you prepare to market your VA business online as well as off line.

Most USP’s are hard to come by and takes quite a long time to formulate and develop. To make your job easier, here are some suggestions to help you create your virtual assistant business’s unique selling proposition. The most successful online VA businesses have made a mark by putting into words their business’s capabilities. Take a look at how your competitors market themselves before you start marketing yourself, and choose the skills you believe make yourself stand apart. Slogans that show off capabilities are crucial in building brand acceptance, so finding a way to express your specialties as a virtual assistant are and building a website with that focus.

  • What is your businesses strength and weakness? How about the competition? This makes it better for you to identify necessary action areas from which you can proceed to develop your unique selling point.
  • What makes you unique? If there is none then come up with one! In the long term, when your USP becomes word of mouth your business will be acknowledged as the market leader and expert.
  • What problems does your VA business solve for your clientèle? All clients always ask the question ‘How can you really help me?’ which is what your service should be able to provide. Offer a guarantee on your service or a solution to customer’s problems.
  • Be explicit and specific in articulating your virtual assistant business’s unique selling point. However, be sure to never make a statement you can’t fulfill. Your USP or slogan may sound good and be very catchy but if you cannot deliver what you promise your unique selling point becomes a dead weight and useless.

Once your virtual assistant business’s unique selling point is identified and established, the next step is to shorten or summarize it into a few words. Communicate it to the public wherever and whenever you can – in the phone book, on your stationary, promotional and marketing ads, email signatures, anywhere your customers are available to read it and hear your message loud and clear..

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