Learn How to Use Ezine Marketing and Make Money Online Fast!

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The main goal of most entrepreneurs that are new to online business opportunities is to make money online fast. However, the struggle to make money online fast is an uphill battle for most. They lack the education necessary and still wonder why they fail. If you truly want to make money online fast, you will need to learn how to market like a pro. Ezine Marketing is one of the best methods to use and is a favorite to many top producers. Ezine marketing allows you to “piggy back” off the credibility of the Ezine owner. So if you’re serious about how to make money online fast. Pay close attention!

Now you are probably asking yourself, “What is an ezine?” An ezine is an online newsletter about a specific topic, with a targeted group of subscribers. Ezines range in topics from gardening tools to online marketing. Owners of ezines offer advertisers the opportunity to “rent” their subscriber list for a specific advertisement. For example, there are ezines about business opportunities. The ezine owner could send an ad, on your behalf, to their list.

The major benefit of ezine marketing is that you are advertising to a highly targeted audience. Ezine marketing can be just as targeted as pay-per-click advertising, if not more. Ezine subscribers have already requested information about a specific topic, so they’ve established their interest in learning more.

Once you find an ezine marketing that gives you great results, you can schedule many solo ads ahead of time. It’s a great way to plan your marketing for 2-3 months at a time. Now that you know all about what ezine marketing is and how you can use it to make money online fast. Let’s take a look at how to properly implement this technique in your bag marketing tricks.

The first step is to find good ezines. There are four steps to complete when conduction your ezine marketing research.

– Keep track of your ezine marketing research is to create a Google document or spreadsheet. After you have

– Perform a Google search for ezines that are related to your industry. Here are some examples: “MLM marketing ezine, “online marketing ezine,” “affiliate marketing ezine,” “home business ezine,” or “networking marketing ezine.” Also do the same search replacing the word ‘ezines’ with ‘newsletters.’

– Also perform a search on Google for Free Ezine Directories.

– Go to this site. It is a great ezine marketing tool: DirectoryofEzines.com

Tip: More subscribers doesn’t mean it’s a better ezine. Usually it means the opposite. Also it very important to subscribe to the ezine, this way you will know if they send out quality information.

The second step in to ezine marketing is to review the different ezines you fond. Here are the three steps needed to find quality ezines:

– Verify how many times per week the ezine list is emailed. Some ezines owners simply have ezines to build a list and sell solo ads. These types of ezines would not be a good idea. They aren’t effective because they don’t deliver valuable content to the subscriber, because the subscribers are being bombarded by offers on a daily basis.

– You always want to verify the quality of an ezine before placing an ad with them. Subscribe to the ezine and see how many emails you get per week, and how valuable the content is.

– Talk with the owners and ask for referrals of people that have advertised with them in the past. If they do a good job, they’ll be more then happy to offer you names.

Tip: Don’t spend your entire advertising budget on one single ad. Test out some smaller ones first (10,000-20,000 subscribers). Once you have fine tuned what works and have money coming in, then it time to go big.

The third step in learning how to ezine marketing and make money online fast is to choose your ezine ad. Ezines typically offer four types of advertisements. Depending on your budget and pricing of the ad, choose an ad that allows you to test, without spending your entire budget.

– Solo Ad: This type of ad is normally a full page ad. It will tell your story and gives the reader valuable information. It ends with a specific call to action.

– Sponsor Ad: These ads are shorter then a full ad, typically 1-2 paragraphs, benefit-driven ad.

– Classified Ad: These ads are traditional 3 line ads. Should be very benefit driven.

– Joint Venture: This way could benefit marketer on a budget. Instead of paying for the ad, you split a percentage of the profits with the ezine owner.

The fourth step in ezine marketing is to create the ad.

– Make sure to always include benefits, benefits, and more benefits

– In order to generate leads from the ad, use a strong, attention-grabbing headline

– Remember your selling the click. Your main objective is to get people to click on the ad. You don’t need to give them the whole story about your business,

– Always put yourself in the subscriber’s shoes. What would they want to click on

– Use personal stories. Paint a picture with words. Remember “Facts Tell. Stories Sell!”

– Write your ad as if the subscribers were in the room sitting across the table from you.

– Use the core emotions of joy and pain: Avoiding pain is a VERY strong motivator for people.

– Never appear to be perfect. Always be truthful and never be unafraid to share your flaws.

– Always you a casual approach in your solo ad.

Tip: Be sure to setup tracking so you know how many leads, applications and sales are generated from your ad. Also test that your conversion code is setup and working properly before you send your ad to the ezine owner.

Lastly the fifth step to ezine marketing is placing the ad.

– Double and Triple Check Your Ad Copy and Tracking URL before sending it off!

– Double check that ad delivery date (when it will be sent out, appear on the website, etc..)

– If the ad converts well, you may want to secure long-term placement with the ezine owner

– Always test your ad one time first, before securing any long-term placement with an ezine owner.

Well that concludes the steps you will need to take in order to make money online fast with ezine marketing. This is not the easiest form of marketing for your online business. However, if done right. It could be a very lucrative marketing strategy for you. Here’s to your success and I will see you at the top

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