Keep Control Of Your Banner Ads To Please Google

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One of the most important factors to consider when devising a SEO plan is the level of control that you have. You will likely have heard horror stories from businesses and websites that were performing well on Google only to be slapped down. When you go missing from Google, your business is going to struggle to attract new customers, and a lot of this is down to the level of control that you have over your SEO activities.

It is not as though Google decides to punish websites at random or tries to limit the success of certain firms. As the algorithms involved with Google become more complicated and detailed, the easier it becomes for the search engine to determine which links are natural or right, and which links have no relevancy to the site or the products or services on offer. If you buy links or adverts with no control over where they will be placed, you may not receive any benefit and any benefit you receive may well be short lived. In fact, it is more likely that you will experience anguish and difficulties in the long run and this is all down to relinquishing control over the links that come to your site.

When guests post natural links to your site, Google loves it, so there is nothing to worry about on that regard. Natural links are the best possible links and if you receive a lot of these, your site will be doing well. Of course, many firms will try to drive traffic and this is the area where you want to build backlinks in the right way and maintain control over what is linking to your site.

Think about your customers and where they are likely to be

Firstly, you need to have a think about what you offer to your customers. There will be certain aspects to your product or service that will make your business perfect for certain customers. It is very unlikely that you will be the only company offering this style of service and there will be plenty of places online where your potential customers will hang out and socialise.

These are the places you want to be found. It is helpful to have links or adverts on these relevant sites because it will increase the likelihood of the right customer coming to your site. However, by using good quality banner advertising services, you will also be building links from relevant sites. This is exactly what the search engines are looking for. By taking control of where your banner ads are placed or which websites share your links, you can ensure that you don’t expose yourself to risk of Google penalising your site.

Many people will complain about the added time that working in this fashion takes. However, it is not as if choosing similar or relevant sites to your own business takes that much time. The end results that come from working in this fashion will be of great benefit so if you want to remain healthy in the eyes of Google, make sure you remain in control of your advertising links.

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