Internet Marketing – The Big Traffic Lie Conclusion

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Okay so here is a summary of what we went over. Traffic is easy to get, you can buy as much as you want and can afford through AdWords. with AdWords you put up an Ad and the traffic flows. You can also buy traffic through banner Advertising networks. You can also use AdSense.

Okay I know you want the stuff cheaply so here is a special trick I use to get a banner up on a highly ranking site. This one trick alone on how to get traffic is worth the price you paid for admission. Oh, forgot this is a freebie!

Put in a search term like “how to make money online” this returns 190,000,000 million sites on the topic. Do you know how hard it would be to rank for this term. Let me help you Super hard. I mean crazy difficult. However there are smarter and better people then me that can do SEO. But why not piggy back on them if you can. So here’s how we do it. Look at the top organic searches, the top ten. Find a site thats a blog or a smart SEO guy that knows knows how to rank.(All these guys in the top 20 know thats why they are there.) These are Authority sites on the topic.

You job is to go to these sites and ask them if you can place small banner ad on their site for the product you are promoting. The magical price seems to be about 50 dollars a month. This is a steal, think about all the work you save and you are in front of the proper target traffic flow! You will be amazed at how well this works. Its a super return on investment.

So remember that getting traffic is easy, from right where you are sitting you have access to hundreds of millions of people! That’s a wonderful thing!

So in a nut shell here are the ways to get traffic:


YouTube Videos

Article Marketing

Joint Ventures

Banner Ads

Affiliate offers

Content Networks

‘Forums “Join The conversation and help out”

SEO~ using someone else s skill!

Learn how to give the people what they want. As Zig Ziglar always said you can have all you want if you just give people all they want! Look To serve your clients and you will deserve the rewards!

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