Internet Marketing Strategy Involving the Use of Subdomain

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This must be one of the least optimized blog posting that I am posting as there are simply no relevant searches regarding the use of subdomain in affiliate marketing. That caught me by surprise, as I am assuming that most would realize that using a subdomain for affiliate marketing must be another internet marketing strategy or affiliate marketing strategy for people.
First of all, what is a subdomain? Main domain looks like this and subdomain looks like this, []
What is interesting about subdomain as an internet marketing strategy or affiliate marketing strategy?
1. It is free after you have registered for your main domain
2. Its versatile as you can change your subdomain whenever you want to
3. If you plan it properly, it looks great. For example, you can use your main domain which is to include a subdomain that looks like [] . Isn’t that great looking?
4. Most webhost do offer unlimited subdomain, hence for a busy affiliates marketer like you that has dozens of interesting ideas. That’s going to keep the cost low as you can try out using subdomains first before getting a maindomain for niche market that is more profitable.
5. Subdomain can also be used to optimize your blog or website for a certain keyword. For instance, it’s very hard to squeeze all the keywords that you want into one main domain and what you can do is to create subdomains to concentrate on a particular related segment of your market. In that way, you can create unique contents and keyword centered articles at the subdomain which would help improve the ranking of the maindomain. But be warned that the content created must be unique or else you would run the risk of being seen to spam the search engine and face “deindexing”
When you create a subdomain, you actually create another domain name and the search engines recognized it as a separate domain name from your main domain name. Hence, you can create your own mini sites or blogs or do some internet marketing or affiliates marketing from.
The main advantage that I see in subdomains is the cost advantage. How many times are we saddled with domain names that failed and we have to cut it off? By using subdomain names, we can try out the market first before getting a domain name if it’s profitable.
Hope you have fun with this idea I have.

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