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Internet marketing or also known as online marketing, web marketing, e-marketing, and webertising, simply refer to as the marketing or promotion of products and services over the internet.

Through internet marketing, you can make your own business at home and make money online. There are different forms of doing this business, either you make your own website and post your products and the services you want to offer on it or you go to other websites and post ads regarding your product and services. Making money through this business depends on how creatively you convey your visitors or customers regarding your product or service. The internet is undoubtedly a wide market because of its global scope. You can transact business from and to every part of the world even if you are just sitting at home and working on your computer.

Internet marketing does not require much credentials, it only needs knowledge on technology and enough business sense. It offers business and work for people who cannot go out of the house for some reasons. It gives women, especially the mothers, some opportunity to work at home without neglecting their maternal role and household responsibilities. It helps out-of-school youth to look for a job and make home business that fits their expertise and experiences.

According to experts, internet marketing is broadly divided into different types such as:

  • Search engine marketing(SEM): a form of marketing that seeks to promote websites by making it more visible in search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • Search engine optimization(SEO): the process of enhancing the website’ or a web page’s visibility in search engines through the “natural” or un-paid search results.
  • Display advertising: the utilization of banner ads or web banners put on a third-party website or blog to drive traffic to a company’s website and improve product awareness.
  • Social media marketing: the process of getting traffic or attention by using social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Email marketing: involves direct marketing of commercial message to people who are using electronic mail.

Due to the fact that people are doing business in different places and time, and the world is figuratively turning fast. Businesses and entrepreneurs are shifting mindsets to include internet marketing as part of their business plan and marketing strategies.

Through internet marketing, small businesses thrive and prosper because of its unlimited access. It has also low maintenance cost on business space and personnel. By just having a website, customers all over the world can easily get to know your business and your products. E-marketing indeed is borderless and it fits to people who are borderless, too.

Making your own business and making much money online is possible. It only needs hardwork, determination to success, and perseverance on consistently doing updates on your web, coupled with you knowledge on technology. You can be successful on your own business through internet marketing. Create your own website, do your marketing strategies and implement your business plan.

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