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HyperVRE is a new software package created by SEO Expert Brad Callen’s brother Matt Callen. I first heard about HyperVRE a few weeks back and did some investigation into it and was not that impressed. I’m not a big fan of sites that are created specifically for generating ad revenue. They are usually not that helpful when I’m searching for something.

What finally got me interested in checking it out and writing this review was that I heard Matt was a student of Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing. I too am a big follower of Mike’s products, so I figured Matt might have something useful to web marketers and niche site builders.

So exactly what does HyperVRE do for you? Simply put, it builds you a niche website in only a few minutes of work. You no longer need to build these niche websites from scratch with your own content! Here are some bullets from the HyperVRE main site:

o Generate THOUSANDS of fresh, unique content-rich webpages from highly targeted keywords lists.

o Add extremely targeted auto-refreshing content to your website by using rotating keyword definitions. By adding rotating content that his highly targeted to your keywords, search engines will rank your site high in the rankings.

o Keep your content fresh by placing several rotating RSS feeds. Having these feeds will keep your content fresh and unique in the eyes of the search spiders.

o Include a high quality article based around the main keyword for the page

o Add your Google AdSense ads on each and every page. For that matter you can use any Contextual based ad service, but HyperVRE targets AdSense users. I’ll talk more about this later.

o Use the power of pay per click ads with the potential of affiliate payouts by creating your own contextual ad links. These are created dynamically and placed within the content of your pages.

o The ability to use your own affiliate IDs: Clickbank, Amazon.com, or whatever else.

o Quick search engine ranking by use of a “perfect linking structure”.

HyperVRE seems like a “to good to be true” software package, especially considering anyone can get a free copy. That’s right, it is free to everyone. Granted, some of the more powerful revenue generating features are disabled in the free version. But even the stripped down version is quite powerful.

So does HyperVRE stand up to its claims? Read the full review at www.itsmyjourney.com [http://www.itsmyjourney.com/Reviews/HyperVREReview.aspx].

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