How to Job Search and Be Visible

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It is time to get out of your box if you want to stand out among the crowds today that are seeking employment.

There are b and more books about searching for a job line. Every detail about finding a job is discussed including writing a resume, preparing for your job interview, what to wear, how to conduct an online search, whom to contact that may be a good resource.

That was then and you could count on traditional text books to tell you how.

Today, it is tougher. The unemployment figures keep rising and you have more people and better qualified looking for the same job you are.

Here are a few tips to strut your stuff regardless of age.

Start a blog. This is your active resume, your participatory resume because others can enter comments on your blog posts. Use your blog as a virtual calling card letting readers know your skills. Use the keywords that are associated with the job you are seeking. Build your personal brand with your blog and let others find you.

Participate in various social networking sites. I am speaking of Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In. Join groups in Facebook that are related to what you do professionally and start introducing yourself to the group members. You may be able to answer some of their questions with your previous experience. They could be the best job resources you’d ever want to meet.

Reach out to your informal network of family and friends and neighbors and whatever nonprofit groups you serve as a volunteer. You have no idea who sister of your brother-in-law may know.

If you have written an ad for yourself, use a hand written letter on your ad copy instead of text. Write the ad on a piece of paper, scan it and publish the ad on your web page. This adds a personal touch and will increase your responses.

Include an article or review that has been written about you or by you with your ad copy. This will show people that you are respected in your business and that will increase your credibility.

The old traditional ways of finding a new job are out. If you want to land the job you are looking for you will have to go above and beyond the standard job search expect. Learn as much as you can about your potential employer so that when you are interviewed, what you say will be relevant to the company.

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