How Much Should One Invest in Facebook Ads?

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Having recognized the capability reaching a wide portion of potential viewers by using the social networking sites, many advertisers are making ad investments in these social sites. And Facebook being the most popular, with its half a billion active users, many online advertisers are turning to this social site for their advertising campaigns.

For many web marketers, Facebook is a fantastic place to advertise online businesses because its click is low. Facebook is known to have a cheap advertising and a very unique advertising platform, where demographics are entirely different from those of the other search engines.

Advertising on Facebook is based on the personal demographics of users like gender, age, education, likes and other personal data of users. But advertising on this social site is not like doing pay per click with other networks because people on this site are socializing and not searching for anything that they need.

Facebook has very strict regulations regarding advertisements and you have to thoroughly study the regulations so that your ads will be approved. Your ads are constantly evaluated also by Facebook and if these are not performing you can expect your ads to disappear outright or taken off the page without you given any notice.

Advertisements on ‘get rich easily’ activities and other money making opportunity scams, pyramid schemes and other illegal activities are prohibited in this social site. You can target users that are interested on home businesses, entrepreneurship, or people with demographics related to these because they are those who have the more tendencies to make responses.

You can start your advertisements by bidding on cost per click at the lowest bid which can be one fourth of the lowest bid you can afford which can be one fourth of the lowest bid amount. If your ads are shown you have to track your traffic or the click through, because not getting enough of these will have your ads taken off, and if traffic is low you have to raise your bids.

Although it is better to make your ads on cost per thousand impressions (CPM with image ads) on the social sites because of the nature of its viewers, it is better to start off with cost per click because CPM is more costly. Facebook will run ads that give more revenues so you have to track continuously your results and aim for higher click throughs, and make adjustments on bids if results are good.

If you are new to Facebook advertising and you are spending a less budget for this purpose, stick to it and start low with the cost per click scheme. Just be sure that you are on track on the regulations and if your ads are shown, continuously track these and aim for a higher click through rate.

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