How is Blogging Able to Help You in Making Extra Money at Home?

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Blogging is one of the most effective and popular ways to make money online. I know many marketers who started off by making extra money at home by just blogging.

I’ll share with you some of my personal experience, internet marketing tips and secrets where you could decide if blogging is for you.

But first, you might think, “Does blogging really able to help me be making extra money at home?”

Personally, I know it can, you have to believe it or maybe see it to believe it first.

A few of my friends who’s making money from blogging and are full-time bloggers, and their income comes mainly from blogging itself.

Now, let’s explore the ways of making extra money at home from blogging:

1) You can put PPC ads, like AdSense, Cost Per Click

2) You can put CPA ads, these are Cost Per Action ads.

3) Sell advertising space. Like Banner ads, text link ads on your blog

4) Sell related affiliate products

5) Get paid for reviews

6) and many more…

Bloggers are making around a few hundred dollars per month to tens of thousands of dollars per month just from all these activities.

With that, you might want to know if blogging is for you…

1) Blogging will be good for you if you like to write.

2) You must be passionate about the topics that you are blogging about

3) You need to able to pull visitors to read and gather around your blog

4) Spend at least 2 hours per day on topics and getting traffic.

And if you are someone who’s looking for auto-pilot income, then blogging might not be for you. Blogging is not easy, it requires a lot of efforts, discipline and creativity.

However, the rewards are great if you love on that topic that you blog about.

For my blog, it’s not a blog to make money.

This is a blog to share my experience on internet marketing. I was thinking a long time before I started this blog. I could have spend the 2 hours everyday on other money-generating ideas, activities to generate more income than blogging…

Then, why do I blog?

Simple! I know it’s really easy to start making extra money at home or start an internet business, but most people are stuck with it. So, with starting this blog, and through the posts and reading…

I really wish that it can start to help you to start making extra money at home.

Then you might ask me, “Roy, are you telling me in the process you will not ask me to buy anything?”

Of course I will… but it must be something I personally like, use it, test it and it works for me, before I share it with you.

That’s the value I want all my subscribers to get and I’ll keep it that way!

And, one of the major reason why I love blogging is that I get rank on search engine very fast, and a lot of time, dominate on long tail keywords and sometimes even competitive keywords.

Let me show you a few screenshots on that:

If you notice all the 3 screen shots on Google, for all the 3 keywords, there are Google Ads on the side.

As I had tried using AdWords before, and those ads are paying at least US$8 per click to be on first page of Google. And make money online is one of the most competitive market online.

Most importantly, I only start blogging about 40 days ago.

Which means, in less than 40 days, I’m able to rank on Google, Yahoo and MSN for such competitive keywords. If you want to use AdWords on Google or engage a SEO company, they’ll charge you an arm.

So, if you having your own website, your own internet business or etc… always consider having a blog.

It’s one of the easiest way to get rank on search engine nowadays.

I have use it myself, it works!

Many of my clients are doing that too, and they are getting free extra targeted traffic to their website every day by just blogging.

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