How Does Google AdSense Work

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Google AdSense is a good and easy to understand way of making money online. It is a program that provides you advertisements to host them in your website. And of course when one of your visitors clicks on these ads, you earn money. It is simple.

The amount of money that you earn per click depends on how much money each company offers to pay. To start this process you firstly have to make an account on AdSense and promote them to your domain name. After that they check your content in a couple of days and if they approve your website they send you the confirmation email. Don’t have to be worried if your content is logical and you don’t copy others work. If they confirm your website then you have the absolute permission to host advertisements on your pages.

Moreover Google will send you a tool “control panel” with which you can easily create an advertisement and host it wherever you want by following the terms. In this control panel you will see your click through rate (CTR), how much money you earn from one click and other useful information. It is important to say that you can host only 3 advertisements in your page. It is very rational because having more ads in one page creates an awful appearance. Another thing is that you have to adjust the colors and generally the appearance of your ads in order to create a harmonic website. Don’t thing that you will have a lot of income when you accomplish this process. You will need a lot of visitors in order to have a good income through AdSense but be sure that if you generate traffic to your site then your income will grow steadily. Google has an algorithm that checks your content and makes ads which are relevant to your website content. Generally it is a powerful way of making money online but it needs hard and smart work in order to succeed. If you want to make money online seriously I suppose that you have already known that it isn’t an easy process because if it was, then believe me that all people could do it. Of course there are many other ways to make money online but I suggest you to start with AdSense because it is very friendly and easy process.

One or two advertisements on your website will be the ideal number to increase the amount of click!! Very important to say that you must generate targeted traffic in order to be successful!!

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