How Do You Advertise on Facebook and Be Successful at It?

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How do you advertise on Facebook while not wasting your time and money?

Advertising is a book that is constantly being added to. There are some techniques that have been successful for years and are being adjusted according to new venues; social media websites are one of these.

Facebook is a social media website that already has millions of users and more are being added every day. What a great place to advertise! Why? In addition to having access to so many people, joining is free. In addition, you can create a ‘fan page’ to establish yourself on this website. Not only is a fan page a way to get your company name established but it’s a great way to connect with others.

So how do you advertise on Facebook with a fan page? You get others to ‘like’ your page. You can invite others or post a comment, question, image or offer which will get them to go to your fan page and click ‘like’. By clicking the ‘like’ option, the person is stating that they have an interest in what you have to offer.

A fan page is just the beginning of learning how you advertise on Facebook. Once you have the page established and your profile is sufficiently complete, begin by adding images or videos (if possible) of what you are offering. Give facts, statistics, updates, promotional information and whatever else might be pertinent to getting someone engaged and to act. By the way, you have the option to add a profile image which can be a picture of you or even your company’s logo.

What else can you do to learn how to advertise on Facebook? Post information about upcoming events that your company will be a part of in one way or another. This method of advertising is called an ‘event ad’. With this type of ad, you can invite anyone that you want to; this includes your friends and anyone else you may be interested.

With a little bit of cash, you can advertise via a ‘sampling ad’. As the name indicates, there is a sample involved. This type of ad allows you to give a free sample to anyone who asks; anyone on Facebook anyway. It’s free and who doesn’t like getting something for free? Chances are that someone who receives a free sample will probably post about it which is in turn free advertising for you.

You can also share your company with a ‘basic like ad’. This is an ad that is short and sweet; it’s a taste of what you have to offer to get people to ‘like’ you or to get them to your fan page. Did you know that when you ‘like’ something, that action is automatically posted to your wall? Again, it’s free advertising that someone else is doing for you.

How about a ‘poll ad’? This gets your business name to Facebook users that are not current fans of your fan page. A question is asked in which an answer is selected from a drop down list; the answer will then prompt the user to see statistics on the answers of everyone who has already taken the poll.

It all starts with a simple fan page and turns into big business. The answer to the question “How do you advertise on Facebook?” is your own unique advertising campaign.

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