Hockey Fundraiser – 17 FREE Ways to Promote Your Hockey Fundraiser

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Making your hockey fundraiser a successful one requires promotion. Most fundraisers don’t have a big budget for advertising and marketing. When you don’t have money to advertise, you have to rely on low-cost and free methods to promote your fundraiser. Here are 17 ways to get this done:

1. Flyers posted in supermarkets – Most supermarkets have community bulletin boards where you can put up a poster or flyer announcing your hockey fundraiser.

2. Flyers on windshields – This is a common way to get your flyers in the hands of a lot of people. One of the best places to distribute a flyer promoting a hockey fundraiser would be sporting events and sports stores’ parking lots.

3. Email – Almost everyone has an email list of contacts with their friends and family members on it. Everyone that is involved with the fundraiser can send off a short message announcing the fundraiser. This is especially powerful if you can provide a link where they can buy the products you’re selling for your hockey fundraiser.

4. Press releases – Contacting your local newspaper, TV and radio stations is a great way to get the word out on your hockey fundraiser. Local media stations and newspapers are always hungry for stories, and if you can tie your fundraiser into a current event or news story, you have an excellent chance at getting coverage.

5. Booth at sporting events – Set up a booth at any of your school or town sporting events. You can sell product and promote your fundraiser.

6. Ask sporting stores to hand out flyers – Approach your local sports store and ask if you can hang up a flyer or if they can pass them out at the register.

7. Door hangers – Getting a group of people together and putting door hangers on each house as you go through your local neighborhoods is a tried and true way of getting your message out.

8. Free online classified – A quick Google search will show you a list of the free classified advertising websites where you can list your hockey fundraiser.

9. Local forums – Most towns now have websites and forums associated with the website. You can go to these forums and announce your hockey fundraiser.

10. Telemarketing – Not the most fun, but everyone associated with the fund raiser can call everyone on their contact list and let them know about the fundraiser and see if they are interested in helping the fundraiser by making a purchase.

11. Community events – Community events are great places to go and set up a table and sell products. They usually have a good attendance and people go to these events ready to buy.

12. Clubs and associations – Approaching clubs and associations are a great way to get people interested in your fundraiser. Most clubs and associations do their own fundraisers and are usually much more receptive to others.

13. PSAs – Public Service Announcements are especially good for special event fund raisers. Most TV and radio stations make public service announcements every week.

14. – is a very popular website and it’s free. You can announce your hockey fundraiser there.

15. Approach other websites online – In your area there are probably sports related websites that may help you promote your hockey fundraiser. They can put up an announcement on their website or send a message to their customers if they have an email list.

16. Network – Networking is a tried and true method for promotion. Look for networking opportunities in your area and attend them. Networking works by really trying to help out the other person as much as you want them to help you out.

17. Write an article for a newspaper – Newspapers are open to human interest stories. If you have a talent for writing and have an angle that you can write about, contact your local newspaper and ask them if you can send the article in.

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