Harness The Power Of A Pay Per Click Affiliate Program

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Would you like to earn a dollar, two dollars or even more just because someone clicked on a banner on your website or blog? Well, it’s not a dream – it’s real. The secret? Pay per click affiliate programs called CPA or click per action programs.

What is a CPA?
A CPA or as they are sometimes called, CPOs, is an offer you put on your website where you make money whenever someone clicks on it and then takes a particular action. It’s possible that you’ve seen or even participated in a CPA offer yourself. Many take the form of a survey. Another popular type requires people to apply for an auto insurance quote. And a third that’s seen frequently is where you’re invited to fill in an application for a credit card. In any event, when people complete the required action they are rewarded by something such as a coupon for a free product, and you earn anywhere from $1 up to $4.75 in the case of an eHarmony CPA.

Finding a pay-per-click affiliate program

The easiest way to find a CPA offer is by going to a CPA network. These networks, and there are a number of them, serve as a sort of middleman between the advertisers and you the publisher. They serve as aggregators of CPA offers from many advertisers. They have you, the publisher, push traffic to their offers and get a percentage of the value of the lead you’ve generated. As an example of this, the advertiser might pay $5 for every lead generated through the network in which case you would probably get $4 and the network would get a $1 commission,

The advantages of a CPA network

Working through a CPA network has several advantages over individual offers. For one thing, you would get one check a month versus the multiple checks you would get if you had multiple individual CPA offers. Second, when you sign up with a CPA network, it’s easy to browse through its offerings to find one that would fit your website. The network will track your impressions, leads, click-through rates and commissions for you. Plus, it usually has text, email and banner ads that you can just copy and paste onto your website or into your email.

Choosing the right pay-per-click affiliate program

Internet marketing, including CPA marketing, is basically a numbers game. The short and long of it is that the more visitors you get, the more money you will make. Some Internet marketing gurus will go so far as to say you shouldn’t even try to make money on a site until you’re getting at least 100 visitors a week. The reason for this is called conversion rates. This is the percentage of people who actually do something once they arrive on your site. A good conversion rate would be 4% to 5%. This means that for every 100 visitors that come to your site, only four or five will actually click on an offer. So one of the critical issues is to choose a CPA offer that will be the most attractive to your visitors. In other words, it must be very closely related to the subject of your website or blog. As an example of this, you might do well with a CPA from eHarmony if your website is all about dating. In contrast, a CPA offer about dog food products on a site about dating might do very poorly.

However, if you have good traffic and can find a pay-per-click or CPA offer that relates well to your content, it can be an excellent way to make real money.

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