Graphic Design – Positive Side of Negative Space

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Graphic design is one of the most vital elements concerning the overall appeal of any website. It is obvious that the visual content is always more effective than the text especially at converting a visitor into a buyer. This implies that without graphic design one cannot expect the website to be successful and revenue generating.

Basic Components of Graphic Design:

There are three main components of graphic design; namely subject (positive space), frame and negative space. The subject (positive space) is the space occupied by the matter whether it is the text or image. The frame is total space available. This kind of space is the white space that is left empty.

Balancing the positive and negative space:

If the negative space is stuffed with a lot of content, the website owner will be very happy for not leaving any space and optimizing the use of resources at hand. On the other hand the possibilities of him/her being sad are higher. This is because when the visitor sees the web design he/she is going to get confused with lot of content and images. This can be a big impediment in the navigation. This can make the visitor very irritated and ultimately hurt the business. This implies that too much use of negative blank can have a negative effect on the performance of the website.

Negative space by definition is the space not used. A lot of white space means waste of resources. The website looses the chance of presenting forth the visitor any product or service that could generate revenue for the website owner. The visitors usually do not like too much of negative blank on the page. This implies that too much of negative space is also not advisable.

The web designer needs to strike a balance between the positive space and the space. The right blend of the two can be created by appropriate placement of the two. This can assure that the eyes of the visitor are drawn towards the text or image that the designer focuses.

The negative spaces can also be used to highlight the positive space. If the content or an image is surrounded by space it is obvious that the eyes are going to be glued to the subject of the positive space.

The text content can be made attractive by introducing the spaces between the bulleted points or paragraphs. This depends on the creativity and expertise of the web designer.

The other aspect of negative space is that it can be used as a white color. If properly used this space does not need to be colored. The designer need not put in a lot of effort too.

The positive side of negative space that if used properly it can save time, money, resources and at the same time make the web design attractive and generate revenue.

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