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Real Estate Agents should pay close attention to the suggested methodologies Google urges web designers and advertisers to employ.

Google invests heavily in their customers, who are the browsers on their search engine. It is their focus to enable the browser to navigate as quickly as possible to the information they are searching on.

This is equally as important to their advertisers. Google strongly suggests that advertisers construct their ads so that when the browser clicks on the ad they are taken directly to what the advertiser is promoting. And, they will reward advertisers with a “quality score” that brings down their cost per click and elevates their ad higher in the rankings.

For example, if the heading of your text ad were to read “Lorne Accommodation” your destination URL should deliver the browser directly to the page on your site that is offering accommodation in Lorne.

Furthermore, there should be a heading on this page that reads Lorne Accommodation (not in an image format). And, your content should be for Lorne accommodation. If done this way you will be given a high “quality score”.

Go to your AdWords account, open your campaign, select your ad group and then open the “keywords” tab. Next to each keyword is a magnifying glass. When you run your mouse over this it should reveal a “quality score” out of ten.

Having said that the opposite will apply if the browser does not land directly on what you are promoting. I have seen a number of accommodation homes using keywords for towns that are 100 kilometres from their establishment. The effects of this are a low quality score, higher cost per click and a browser that is not happy for their time being wasted. This can also adversely affect your brand.

Do not let your AdWords manager use keywords that give 1000’s of impressions but no clicks. They will tell you it has cost nothing because no one has clicked on your ad. However, the hidden cost will be a higher click through rate and a lower ad ranking.

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