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Have The Keyword In The Headline….EVERYTIME!

An automated version of keeping the keyword in the headline is available to use on Google Adwords, yet many people do not even know about it.

The simple trick to having every searched term you appear on show up in your headline (and description lines) is to use this simple code in your ad copy.

{KeyWord: }

Make sure to include the space after the colon. Capatilizing the K will mean the first word in the headline is capatilized. If you then capatilize the W, all words in the headline will begin with capitals.

If a search term is longer than 25 characters then Google will need to show an alternative headline. So by placing this alternative headline after the colon and space, you will be covered against extra long search terms being truncated in the headline.

{KeyWord: Super AdWords Ebook}

Google will bold these keywords every single time, which in itself will increase your click through rate superbly. Also the broad match terms were someone types in

[Cutting Edge AdWords Ebook]

You may not have the term in your keyword list, however you will have AdWords eBook in there. Now your ad will show up for this keyword every time. However, previously your headline would have just read AdWords Ebook, or something similar.

This searcher is looking specifically for a [Cutting Edge AdWords Ebook] so by using this technique your headline will read Cutting Edge AdWords Ebook, and its doubtful anyone else on this keyword will have the same.

Google has barely publiscised this technique on any of their websites given the fact that if everyone started doing it there would be chaos!

Relevancy would fall through the floor if all advertisers had to do was insert this keyword code in their headlines to ensure massive clcik through rates!

You’ve basically just ensured a click through to your website, from a searcher who has found EXACTLY what he/she was looking for only 10 seconds before.

Your chances of a sale on this click have now greatly increased. They will be happy that someone has written an ad which tallies with their thought process.

These techniques are best for all your low traffic keywords where you have no real time to spend crafting a different headline for each. These need to be low price keywords as you will experience much bigger clicks for these headlines!

Pick out a few ad groups and test them with this technique and see if your clicks are managable.

You need to make sure that your two description lines tell the searcher exactly what the product is to guard against too many people clicking on your keyword and finding out that it may not be relevant.

This can be especially true for broad match searches where there happens to be an overlap in search and your broad keyword. If you can think of any of these then it is best to add them to your negative keywords instantly anyway, as a guard against untargeted and irrelevant clicks.

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