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Whatever type of site you run, if you have at least a moderate amount of daily web traffic, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to begin monetizing your site with some modest ads. Google AdSense is one of the best ways to earn online income without having to be too distracted from the main purpose of your business. What makes AdSense work so well is that it is easy to use. You hardly have to do anything, and Google helps you market your business in a way that is targeted to your customers.

Advantages of Google AdSense

First of all, Google AdSense makes it possible to maximize your ad revenue with minimal work. Once you sign up, Google analyzes your website and automatically places ads that are applicable to the product or services that you offer. Other than basic customization, there is no additional work required of you. This makes it one of the most time- and cost-effective ways to earn online income.

Also, AdSense is highly flexible. As you change the content of your site, the ads automatically change without you having to do anything. Meanwhile, if your unhappy with anything about the ads the service places on your site, there are things you can do. For one thing, you can customize the appearance of the ads so that they don’t stand out on your site in a bad way. Plus, you also have the capability to block ads that you feel do not fit into your site.

Disadvantages of Google AdSense

The main disadvantage of Google AdSense is that, for some people, it’s not quite targeted enough. Your business may be part of a very narrow field, or there may already be some very good ad services relating to your business. In these cases, or if you already have an ad service that works, AdSense may just be superfluous. In this case, Google’s ads may just be unnecessary clutter on your site. After all, the most important thing is to serve your readers and customers, which means that you don’t want to annoy them by over-marketing to them. It never hurts to keep things simple.

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