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Magazine publishers seem to attract all the glory, so, why not become one. Have you considered Google AdSense? One way to look at the Google AdSense program is that Google manages and monetizes the articles of your online magazine. I know, you’re saying you don’t have an online magazine, but this is simply a matter of semantics. Do you have a website?

The concept behind Google AdSense and the way it works is very simple. All you need to do is find Google’s AdSense page and sign up for a publishers account. Next watch your inbox for an email from Google, you’ll probably be accepted and the email will tell you exactly what you need to do to get started displaying Google AdSense. Basically you log into a central area which will systematically direct you in how to create and configure your own AdSense ad, then you will grab a snippet of code to paste on your website.

If you don’t have a website, start one and in essence you will be building your online magazine. Fill it with the content that interests you – surfing, fishing, cooking, weddings, etc. Companies want to sell to passionate buyers and people are passionate about many subjects, find one and start writing about it. It doesn’t get much better than this, that is, building an online magazine around a subject you love can make a lot of money.

Where you place your ads on your web page is very important, actually Google can show you where you should place your ads. You’ll find a variety of ad sizes you can work with. AdSense has been around for a while and much testing has been done, size is important and these experts have found that the large rectangle below the headline but above the story converts best. You always need to test these things yourself. Testing involves putting various sizes ads in different locations around your web site and then track them to see which ones bring you more clicks. The more clicks equals more money!

Colors of your AdSense ads can be manipulated and will make a big difference in your online magazine, most webmasters try to match the color scheme of their webpage. The goal is to make the AdSense ad look like part of the magazine. This will give the impression that the ad is part of the magazine or website content and not some blatant advertisement.

The goal is to become successful with your AdSense ads which means getting a lot of clicks on your ads. This means you need to focus on those passionate people we talked about, you must keep them interested in your content. If we compare this to a news stand magazine we can see that the more magazines in circulation means the better sales you’ll get with your magazine ads. This in turn determines the cost of the ad and so it is with your online magazine. The more visitors to your website the better chance they will click on your ad and the more money you’ll make!

An online magazine has a big advantage over a paper magazine. As you publish your online articles, you can leave them published. If you don’t take them down, your online publication will increase in size over time and eventually be considered an authority site. An authority web site always gets flooded with traffic! To state the obvious, the more pages with Google AdSense displayed means your chances of getting ads clicked on will be much greater.

You might want to drop the folks at Google AdSense an email, if you have any questions. The AdSense support group willingly shares the rules and regulations of the AdSense program. You would be wise to study these rules and understand them. Many AdSense marketers have lost their AdSense account and any money in the account along with the page rank of their website. If you think you can game the system and cheat on the rules, please don’t try it. Did you know that one of Google AdSense rules is that you must have a privacy policy page on your site. Failure to do so will jeopardize your site, so make sure all your sites have a page that describes what you do with the information you collect.

The internet is like the “Great Electronic Test Tube” which has allowed people of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, ages and worth to start their own business from home and then grow it into specialized business. YouTube entered the scene and now it allows anyone to produce a short movie and place it in a medium that can be viewed by millions. You are now able to be a movie producer. AdSense opens many possibilities to create a good alternative income to anyone willing to learn and put in the effort. Why not start your own online magazine publishing business today!. All from the confines of your own home, all you need is your computer, internet connection and a screen!

One word of warning. Maybe I should call it a tip for success. When you get your “Welcome to AdSense Email” read it thoroughly so you have a complete understanding of the Program Policies.

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