Diet Affiliate Program Mastery – 6 Tips to Success

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When promoting a diet affiliate program, it’s important to make sure that you pick a program that will satisfy those who you’re promoting to.

A backlash from users for a plan that’s not healthy and doesn’t help them reach their goals could harm your list and result in chargebacks. In addition it’s important to make sure you’re getting a high commission so you can make the most money possible. Don’t settle for anything less than 50% from a diet affiliate program.

Here are six ways to maximise your click through from adverts and blog entries.

1. Offer Tips, Don’t Sell A great way to advertise diet affiliate programs is to advertise ‘secrets to weight loss’ or by giving credibility. If the diet program has success stories then talk about some of them that are available on the diet affiliate programs site. Maybe the diet plan has received reviews from national magazines and publications. Talk about these magazines in your blogs or in PPC adverts.

2. Write A Review To get more credible click-troughs you could write a review of the product and talk about how it’s helped you. You can then talk about the product in related forums and include your affiliate link.

3. Buy A Domain Name Instead of using the domain from the affiliate, buy a related domain and then use the forwarding feature from the provider. This way you’re more likely to get clicks as people will notice a credibly link instead of a long affiliate link. You can also use tiny url for the links of twitter.

4. Facebook Adverts Facebook is becoming a more powerful platform for weight loss affiliate programs as you can target specific groups of users such as those who have recently broken up from relationships or who have joined groups related to weight loss.

5. Offline Advertising Don’t forget that you can use offline advertising to attract customers, but use the web forwarding from the new domain you buy.

6. Get Names & Emails, Then Promote It’s a good idea to grab names and email addresses by offering a quality product such as ‘7 Diet Secrets’, then let the customer build up confidence in what you’re promoting, then use the diet affiliate link.

Those are just a few tips, but remember, the key here is to make sure that the diet you’re promoting is safe, healthy and will help people. There are many diets on the net that are unhealthy and do a lot of damage to people’s health.

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