Create & Post a Banner Ad Today to Get More Traffic Tonight

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It used to take days or weeks to have a banner ad created, posted online, and getting you results. But your small business or website doesn’t have time to wait around while your competitors steal the visitors and sales that could have been yours.

In this article, you’ll learn the quick and easy way to get your banner ads created and posted today so you can start seeing results right away. It’s especially useful if you’re getting started with banner advertising but is helpful if you buy banner ads frequently.

Step 1. Create banner ad

Old way: Find and hire an online ad designer

New way: Online tools make it easy to do it yourself

The internet has made it easy for you to book your own airline tickets without a travel agent, and now it’s just as easy to create your own banner ad without a designer. A new breed of online tools have emerged that let your small business create a banner ad using a pre-designed template. Just customize it with your message and add your logo. The advantage of web-based tools is that you can download your display ad instantly.

In addition to stand-alone banner ad design websites, some ad networks offer tools that allow you to create an ad quickly, though you may need to use it to advertise on their collection of websites.

Step 2. Buy online ad space

Old way: Hire an advertising agency or spend hours researching

New way: Buy online or through ad networks

Finding where your customers are online used to be difficult and time-consuming, so you needed an ad agency or lots of time researching. When you find the specific websites you would like to display advertising on, you then had to call or email the sales rep to negotiate the price and fill out insertion orders.

While there is still a time and place for that with larger online marketing campaigns, you want to get your web ad live today. If you’re looking for where to use your banner ads, our advice is to start with a website or ad network that lets you buy ads from a variety of websites online quickly and easily.

The prices are shown to you upfront or you can set a budget not to be exceeded. By following their step-by-step instructions, you just provide them the banner ad you made in step 1 and let the ad network handle the hard work behind the scenes. While there may be some time needed for account setup or to approve your banner ad, you could be live today.

With this easy two-step approach, you can save your small business hundreds of dollars and countless time wasted. Start driving more people to your website today using banner advertising.

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