Color Door Hanger Printing Is Cheap Advertising That Works

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Businesses are always looking for ways to cut their advertising and marketing expenses. So when it comes to advertising modus operandi, more bang for the buck is important. Advertising needs to be compelling to the demographic that is apt to buy what is being sold. Therefore the advertising needs to be strategically placed and compelling in order to inform the potential buyer and establish your brand.

Most people detest receiving advertising in the mail. Viewed as “junk mail,” it is more often than not instantly thrown into the garbage wasting your valuable advertising dollars. Billboards are expensive, not easily obtained and normally ignored. Radio and television advertising is very expensive and utilized by larger and already successful businesses that are wanting to reach the masses. Now that there is satellite radio and digital video recording (DVR), radio and television advertising has diluted in its’ effectiveness.

Door hangers have been utilized for years by business facilities and hotels to send important messages. Whether the message is that a room is occupied, there’s no smoking allowed or quiet is needed, door hangers have proven to be an effective means of communication. It is this proven effectiveness that has led many businesses to utilize this cheaper form of advertising.

A door hanger is a simple small piece of plastic or cardboard with a hole or hook at the top for placing on a door handle or knob. For advertising purposes, messages about your products or services, specials, locations, phone numbers and web sites are easily placed on both sides of the hanger with your logo and motto. Bright colors, graphics and distinguishing fonts help to entice the potential buyer to read your advertisement.

Professionally made hangers are one of the least expensive and effective means of branding your business. New businesses normally have smaller advertising budgets and therefore need to be selective in how they spend their money. Door hangers enable the business to control the placement of the advertising, focusing on the demographic most likely to buy their offerings. This saves money by not wasting resources advertising to those that wouldn’t utilize your products or services.

Specials and discounts on door hangers is a powerful way to drive up purchases. The hangers are a potent way to educate the public about your business. The hanger serves as a reference card similar to a business card. Possessing your business vitals the hanger can be saved and pulled out for reference whenever necessary. A saved business card or advertisement persists and endures, opposed to being fleeting.

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