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After you understand what is necessary for a successful marketing campaign, you must make it happen. There are so many different ways to advertise that I just decided to summarize then actually come up with a plan. The important thing to realize is my plan will probably be different from your plan. Each marketer has strengths and weaknesses. That’s just the nature of things. Here’s a few ways to advertise what ever program you’re involved with: Article Marketing, Social Networking, Social Book Marking, Video Marketing, Forum Comments, Paid Per Click Ads, Banner Ads, News Paper Ads, FFA Classified Ads, Radio, TV, Flyers.
and Word Of Mouth.

You’re probably aware of these forms of advertising. It’s nice to see them written in front of you. You can now make a general assessment of which method serves you best. I’ve found everything after Forum Comments is cumbersome. A few of you can actually make a profit from Paid Per Click ads because of all ready having established a re pore with major search engines. I personally find it pathetic to be dependent upon only one advertising source. Your best course of action is to use several resources. The main issue then becomes “time and energy.” It takes time to write articles but the method is extremely effective. Safe Lists (email marketing) take time each day to click the buttons etc. Social Networking definitely takes up time. The issue is not only time but it is energy consuming. It takes energy to write. We’re not talking about major energy like mountain climbing or prize fighting. We’re talking about your so-called “second wind.”

Most of you probably have day jobs or night jobs. Writing can then only be done on a lunch break, after work or on a day off. This leaves you doubling your work effort. That means doubling your energy level to compensate. This should not be taken for granite. It’s the simple things that mean so much, to the final cause. Once you master the little things, big things automatically happen. Some of you may not have a day or night job to consume your time or energy. Those of you in such a situation can write all day or all night. That’s the ideal situation for article marketing. What about if you don’t have writing skills, but you have time? Video marketing can be even better then article marketing. It’s said that the search engines pick up on new videos faster then new articles.

Ultimately the web needs your input. It’s a give and take situation. Just like farming, there’s a time to plant seeds and a time for harvest. It would be unreal to think that you can reap the harvest always, without little need to plant seeds. Imagine planting a seed then never giving it water or sun light. That’s the same thing as creating a web site but not advertising effectively. Effective advertising is a combination of prudent spending of money and time.

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