Baptism in the Name of Jesus and Not Jesus Christ

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Baptism is a restoration and cleansing of the spiritual that are turning their backs on the world and all religious connections. It was stolen by the religion of Constantine for the purpose of collecting people into the church and holding them prisoner. By ‘capturing’ children at a young age and instructing them into the myths of religion the aim of leaders is power and control. God, on the other hand, already has those things over its own.

Constantine established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and he put up the image of Jesus Christ, based on Krishna of the Vedic Trinity, as the ‘Son of God’. He did this to make out that he spoke for God when he used violence, terrorism, and murder to force acceptance of his religion and its images. He installed Mary, the Mother God of Babylon, as the Mother of God, and he built the Vatican over the temple of Jupiter (Peter in English) to exercise control over the empire on his behalf.

It still does that only now it has given him control over the World Order and his name and number are 666 (Revelation 13:12-18). His ways are bringing the world as we know it to an end.

As the second beast of Revelation 13 he strengthened the wall put up by the first. It is that wall that the Spirit has commissioned me to destroy and to bring in the harvest. We are at the end of the day and the fruit of the Spirit is waiting in groups ready for the in-gathering.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit the mission was given at the age shown to me between lives. It came with many other commissions including the one to take God off the cross. The origin of the cross and crucifixion of god-men was located in Babylon where it took me to unearth the roots of religion and prove that Jesus Christ is a figment of the dreams of men.

The name ‘Jesus’, however, is from ‘I-s’ or ‘eye of light’, which is doubled for potency to ‘isis’ or ‘issi’. When the letter [j] was added it is j’sis’ or ‘jessie’. That light was shown to me in a vision of the day when it seeded a group called the children of Israel at the start of the day. They are the ones called to be baptised in the name of ‘Jesus’ so they are washed clean of the work of 666.

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