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If you are looking to take your website to next level, you may need a little training or help. Where can you turn for the digital marketing help you need? There are tons of websites and different organizations that offer classes and marketing help for your company.

In Houston, Texas, there are a few different associations dedicated to teaching companies and individuals about internet marketing and the newest technology that can help you to make more money with your websites. A great source of classes are local universities and community colleges. Many offer classes in Flash, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other languages that can help you to build a better website. Although there is a cost associated with these classes, they can be great sources of information for you and your employees.

If you are looking for help on how to optimize your website for search engines, or are looking to begin a social media marketing campaign, there are also professional associations for that. HiMA, or the Houston Interactive Media Association holds classes and online seminars for professionals looking to get more business and clients from the internet. Ranging in subject from search engine optimization, to social media, to blogging, HiMA can help your business to grow online. Another such association is the Houston Internet Marketing Forum, which offers classes, some of them free, for expanding your internet footprint.

Social media marketing can be a strong part of your online debut; Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the three biggest sites. Facebook has some of the best resources for business, allow customers and fans to “like” you, which tells every one of their friends that they have just “liked” your business. The networking capability of social media sites is unmatched by any kind of website on the internet today.

Books are also a great sources of knowledge. The Art of SEO is a brilliant book and website combination that utilizes both the printed word for a solid foundation, and a blog-style website for constantly updated additions.

If internet marketing is over your head, or if you yourself do not have the time needed to devote to SEO and internet marketing yourself, you may want to consider hiring a contractor or full time employee to keep tabs on these for you. Some great sources for contractors are and, where you can search out and interview several potential contractors at once. To hire a full-time, in-house internet marketing specialist, try putting an ad in the Houston Chronicle, or searching on or

Moving your business online can be a big production, so make sure you and your employees are equipped with all of the necessary skills and programs you will need to make your make on the online business community.

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