Article Marketing Tip: How to Make Catchy Titles

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A good writer can write about the most boring topic in the world but still get the readers’ attention by making the headlines of their articles catchy. For article marketers, it is very important to come up with effective, attention getting headlines and titles on your articles or blog.

Have you heard of the article marketing rule – if it leads, it bleeds? Insightful articles with the right headlines are the secrets to definite article marketing success.

The headlines of your articles or of your blog entries should have the punch; the words you choose must provide powerful incentive to make the reader want to read what you have written. If you want to make them buy something or become a member of a particular group, or if you want them to click the link to within the article, your article should grab them first and motivate them into action.

Writing the titles for your articles or for your blog posts is crucial – it plays an integral part in your overall online marketing campaign. Writing the “right” titles attracts visitors to your blog, and writing good headlines and titles is a skill that you have to learn (however, if you are not the one writing your articles, make sure to hire a writer who does not only make great content, but also has the skill to spice up his or her headlines).

Articles use titles in several ways and if you are writing for a blog for example, you can make your titles by – writing from within the web page design and browser, or by using your titles in such a way that it will gain the favor of the search engines and link lists. But regardless of which one you choose, your article titles play an important role in how readers read, searchers click, and search engines give back results.

When writing articles or blog posts for online marketing purposes, there are two goals – to catch a reader’s eye and compel them to read; and to help search engines help users find your article. While these sound very simple, they are also very difficult to achieve at the same time.

The article title should attract the readers to read, motivate the readers to click, and encourage them to move their eyes past the title to the text. The title serves as the appetizer of the article, like an invitation that readers can’t refuse.

But article titles these days do more than just encourage readers to read. With the advent of online marketing, search engines now use article titles in their search results to help researchers find information; find your information.

Therefore, writing effective titles is just as important as writing powerful content – without a good title, content can be easily overlooked. A good title helps your articles get found.

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