Are You Missing Out On Highly Targeted Subscribers?

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If you are not using ezines to build your subscriber list, you are losing out on highly targeted subscribers.

Ezine readers are perfect for building your list as they are already familiar to joining lists, they are already on a list – the publisher’s list.

They would have grown used to receiving ezines to their inbox and also become a very responsive market as they open and read the emails.

Ezine readers are also responsive to the ezine advertising as we know ezine advertisers advertise regularly.

If ezine advertising didn’t work, the advertisers wouldn’t continue to advertise. However, we know many businesses regularly advertise on ezines. Ezine advertising works.

As a natural process, we know people who generally get on one list would more than likely get on more lists. If an ezine subscriber sees something, they are interested in, very likely to join the list.

So as a marketer, you would need to identify specific demographics of your customer avatar/reader and offer something that matches their interests and lead them to join your list via your lead capture page.

Ezine readers are email centric consumers, as they buy things from ezines. If you offer something they are looking for, they will buy it.

Take a moment to think how many lists you are on right now?

If you are anything like me, it is probably a lot.

Consider this for a moment, have you ever bought anything from an email you have received?

I bet the answer is yes.

Well, the good news so has the ezine readers.

Ezine readers are used to getting quality, applicable and relevant information to their inboxes regularly.

Two Key Principles To Succeed In List Building With Ezines

Principle 1

You must know your ideal customer avatar.

You will need to speak to their known needs. The needs you already know they have. Ie. All busy moms want more time, and they also want to raise healthy and happy children.

Principle 2

You always need to use a lead capture page.

Always send visitors from your ezine ad to a lead capture page, therefore, allow them the opportunity to become a subscriber. You are then able to build repport by regular communication, and you can be of service to them as you get to know them better and especially their needs.

Lead capture Tips

  1. Always send visitors to a lead capture page by offering them a high-quality gift
  2. You can use a quiz or a survey
  3. Offer a gift that delivers high value
  4. Use curiosity to sell the opt-in.

Principle 3

A crucial component to getting high response levels to your ads in the ezine advertisement – Sell the click, not the product. Don’t be tempted to sell your product in the ad. You want to focus on the single job of the advertisement, and that is to get the click. So, therefore, sell the click.

It is the job of the landing page to sell the opt-in and get the conversion.

So once you have received the click, it is the strength of the landing page to match the needs of the avatar that gets the opt-in.

Ezines are list building friendly so you can send the reader directly to lead capture pages. Slightly different from other platforms and social media who restrict sending visitors directly to lead capture pages.

Also remember ezine readers want information, as the reason they initially subscribed to the ezine was to receive information. So a product positioned on information the ezine reader is subscribed too – will achieve great successes.

Another brilliant aspect of the ezine market is ezines are topic-specific so you will be able to target accurately specific niches.

So you can accurately match readers existing needs by placing your ad on specific topics of interest to them and placing the ad to sell the click and sending the reader directly to the lead capture page.

When you know your customer avatar in-depth, and match their known needs with your product, you will find building your list will become easy.

Just remember you are not trying to convince the reader of something they are not interested in or trying to create a new interest in the reader. You are just matching your products with the readers already know interests.

Are you ready to tap into a highly targeted market who are grouped in specific topics – then start building your list with ezine marketing?

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