Affiliate Selling Using Pay Per Click Advertising

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Affiliate selling is the most powerful way to create passive internet income on the net to date. It is also dangerously easy to get started. Once new comers realize the power of this income vehicle they often jump right in with-out any knowledge or experience. An Affiliate seller basically advertises and sells other companies products and services for a commission of the sales price. With the advent of Search Engine pay-per-click Advertising, Affiliates can now advertise different products and services extremely cheaply on search engine result pages.

Affiliate selling is essentially a market place. So, in order for there to be WINNERS, there has to be LOSERS. If you don’t understand the basic fundamentals you will be paying money, not receiving it! How it works You become a member, usually for free, with an Affiliate Marketplace Company. Once you have signed up with an Affiliate Marketplace Company, you must decide which of the products or services they list, you want to sell.

Upon selecting a product to sell, the affiliate company will assign you your own unique affiliate U.R.L., which is basically your own personal link to that companies product. The companies product you start selling, is tracked by the affiliate URL(link) that has your Member id embedded in it. If a sale is made from someone clicking on that URL (link) you are paid a commission for selling that product.( What to do with your affiliate URL(link) will be discussed further on). Usually commissions range from 50%-90% of the sales profit. Now. How to advertise your Affiliate products and start generating sales and commissions. Advertising Your Products with Google AdWords

There are many ways of advertising products to generate sales. By far, the most powerful and cost effective advertising vehicle is “Google Adwords. Google Search is the largest SEARCH ENGINE database on the internet. It is estimated to have well over a billion searches executed on it per week. Here is quick example. Type in gardening on the Google search bar and see what comes up! You will see that Google has found the most relevant information in regards to your search query. The most relevant Websites are listed on the left side of the page. On the right side you will notice a column of advertisements, these are Google Adwords. These ads are placed by companies, websites and Affiliate sellers such as us! The only time we pay for this add is when a perspective buyer clicks on it. This concept is called “Pay Per Click” advertising and is a very powerful and effective tool if used properly with some applied knowledge. In the example of the keyword ‘gardening’.

Google search has over 60 million related web pages on the query “gardening” and just as many AdWords ads on the right side of the results page. These AdWords ads were the most relevant according to Google guidelines and therefore, placed on the first page of results (the most ideal place to be situated).Google search uses to find the most relevant answers to a query. So, in saying that, Google AdWords works the same way. When you write an ad, Google will then ask you to submit the keywords you would like to assign to your campaign.. These are the words , that when typed by a person on Google search will trigger your add to be shown on the results page.(e.g.) A person types “gardening into the Google search bar. The result page loads and because one of your keywords was “gardening”, your add should be on the results page in the AdWords column or NOT.

One question you might ask is: If there are so many people selling gardening products and using the same keyword, who decides which ads are shown on the first page of results. Google created a bidding system for any keyword you submit for your particular add. It works out what price we will have to pay for any given keyword. The factors that influence this bidding price are:

1-The less popular the keyword, the cheaper it is.

2-The more relevant the keyword is to the add and product your selling, will make it cheaper.

3- the more definitive the keyword is, the cheaper it will be.

In the example of our keyword ‘gardening’ you could pay up to $1.50-$2.00 per click because of the popularity of the keyword and the broadness of the field it represents. The trick is to find niche keywords within the Gardening industry such as 🙁 orchid gardening, How to grow a rose bush etc) these keywords will attract a lower bid price because we have narrowed the broadness of our keyword.

Fine tuning this process will increase your profit margins considerably. The only way to successfully utilize Affiliate selling is to exploit Keyword Theory. You don’t want to be selling your products in the same market as say 3 000 000 other competitors do you? In Brief, Pick a product to sell from the Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace. Click on the product you wish to sell and acquire you affiliate URL (link). Log on to your Google AdWords account. Type your ad and submit your researched keywords. Add your affiliate URL (link) to the ad and submit. And that’s it.

Google will analyze your ad to ensure all details are correct and it is added. A word of caution must be mentioned The above information is a general overview only, of affiliate selling using Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising. Further research on both topics is recommended if you are relatively new to the concept.

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