Advertising is Needed to Grow Your Business

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Nowadays, advertising is everywhere. People are exposed to many commercial messages. Nevertheless, a lot of people like the impact of this. In 1843, the first advertising agency was started in Philadelphia by Volney Palmer.

Advertising is a non-personal form of promoting or encouraging the target audience to purchase and try products or services. The target audience will be those that are interested in the marketing message. Copywriters and graphic designers produce advertising. Advertising materials often consist of copy-writing and pictures of the product or service plus a testimonial or two.

Advertising must be eye-catching, direct to the point and simple. This will grab the attention of the people. It is a tool to use so that people can see the message that you want to express. Advertising includes the features and benefits of your products or services you have. In 2007, the United States spent $150 billion on advertising and $385 billion was spent world wide. In the business world, advertising is impossible to avoid. Everyone does it in order for their business to gain profits.

There are two forms of advertising, the oral and written form. Advertising is a way of promoting a product or a service that the company provides. This will appear in pamphlets, television, radio, and billboard or through the internet. There is a big difference between advertising and marketing.

Importance of Advertising

Spending money on advertising will cost a lot of money if your target market is large which is why you want to make sure that you have selected a market niche that you can afford.. It is an important factor in the economic growth of the world today. Companies have different tactics in using advertising for their company, some use it occasionally just by placing it to the newspaper in the classified ads section and some are also using it through a sales team as selling by phone is advertising too. But most companies use advertising to help meet their profit objectives as they know the more they do the higher the sales should be. There are certain techniques that should be done in order for the target market to purchase a product. First is repetition, buyers always choose the widely recognized product. Second are testimonials, people want to utilize tried and tested products or services. Another is pressure, by giving the target market limited supply of the product.

Four Categories of advertising

Product-Oriented Advertising is a way of promoting certain product to the market; they try to encourage the people to purchase their product. The purpose of this ad is to place something in the mind of the people about the product and this will create curiosity in their minds, like what will the people get in this product.

Image Advertising- This is a form of improving the target market. Image advertising is educating individual unlike other types of advertisement when they are just giving benefits and advantages of some products. It is way of nurturing the people towards a solution.

Advocacy Advertising- It is way of sending a message to the targeted individual about their point of view on some issues.

Public Service Advertising- This form of advertisement will be free if it is an ad that is for the general good and concerns giving a warning to youth for example.

Advertising media that is available includes newspapers, magazines, fliers, web banners, pamphlets, skywriting and sides of buses to list just a few of the available options.

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