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The ads by Google’ message you see on most of the websites you visit are Google’s way of earning its revenue. Google displays ads of advertisers registered with them. The software algorithm designed by Google ensures that the ads displayed on the website are very much in relation with the website’s published content. You would have experienced this within your Gmail account, where the ads displayed by Google are very much in relation to the words contained in the content of your mail.

Since Google earns revenue when users click the ads displayed within the ads by Google’ ads banner, Google has launched the Google AdSense program which allows website owners to earn a share of Google’s ad revenue by accepting to display Google’s ad banner on their website.

You too could earn a considerable amount of money from the AdSense program. There are some formalities which you must mandatorily complete after which you will be accepted into the Google AdSense program. The following is a list of tasks you must mandatorily complete:

1. You should own a website which has very useful and informative content, which website users can greatly benefit. If you do not have a website, you should register a domain and create a website.

2. Merely having a website will not prompt internet users to visit your website, you need to search engine optimize the website, and also conduct promotional activities to popularize your website.

3. Once you are ready with the website and website content, you should apply to Google for participation in the Google AdSense program.

4. Google mandatorily requires you to have a Gmail account to apply. Further, Google will enquire about your website and its content. Once you have submitted the application, Google will review the application and decide whether to accept you into the program, or not.

5. If you are not accepted into the program, you need to make the necessary corrections and reapply for the program at a later date.

6. If you are accepted into the program, you could download the code to display the ads by Google’ banner from Google and apply it to your website.

7. The Google ads will start showing up on your website once you have completed all the necessary formalities Google has mandatorily requested of you, including verifying your office or residence address where you intend to receive the Google AdSense check; you would receive a check once your Google AdSense accumulates sufficient money.

8. Once the Google ads start to show up on your website, you need to promote your website through numerous ways to bring in internet user traffic. Only a good flow of internet users visiting your website can ensure that you earn considerably from the Google AdSense program.

Despite your success in displaying the ads by Google’ banner on your website, getting users to click on the displayed ads is a monstrous task. Further, if your website is promoting your products, it would not be a good idea to have the ads by Google’ banner displaying ads of your competitors, and thereby whisking away your potential customers.

You need to use the right techniques and follow Google AdSense policies stringently to make revenue generation through Google AdSense effective. Only a person who has experienced Google AdSense revenue generation firsthand can effectively guide you on this aspect. The author of this article has ample experience with Google AdSense, website design, search engine optimization, and so forth. The author is most willing to guide you with the Google AdSense revenue generation process, on a consultancy basis.

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